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College Kids React to when our generations gets older and hears a throwback videos. Watch to see their reactions!

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  1. That video forgot bangers of 2016 and 2017 y’all remember bazzi mine and gods plan drake?

  2. OMG stop hating on ASMR!

  3. 6:00 bringing back the memories ? My guy has the memory of a goldfish

  4. They miss the part were millenials are updated to what's happening whenevever wherever, so they would do know what's up even if a hundred years has passed or sumtin

  5. 4:55 no… it’s not. Dude he’s so wrong, it’s only getting better and less mumbley

  6. 5:07 most of em probably dont know what that song is

  7. im gonna make sure my kids despise rap music because it's SHIT

  8. I will show my children and grandchildren the entirety of the MCU

  9. 7:28 'IMA GET CRAAAZY'?‍♂️?

  10. Can we get an adults react to Gucci mane

  11. Bro I'm throwing shade on that dude that said 70s – 80s music is trash, rock for life bro

  12. Let Vine die!!!! OMG I put my best ones up on YouTube and my website

  13. Led zeppelin is immortal

  14. 2:27that isn’t Meghan

  15. 2:27 WTF was she doing ???

  16. That was frickin City girls

  17. y’all blessed kyle

  18. 6:06 that was literally 6 months ago

  19. 7:08 sounds like, foreshadowing

  20. If I would be a grandpa imma teach my grandkids N.W.A.

  21. 4:43 sounds like sarcasm to me ngl

  22. 3:00 damn he really threw in a Great Gatsby reference

  23. Wow I sure hope iron man 67 would happen as well you know especially with the events that happen uH a few months after this video was posted in endgame

  24. "Ima get crazy" "I like how I smell cologne" get that asian girl the lyrics lmao

  25. It's definitely isn't going to be me because I pretty much hate everything hate everything about popular culture these days

  26. Bruh this dude just said there was a lot of bad music in the 80s….

  27. T..That was city girls

  28. “I love Meghan” what ?

  29. “some people need to let vine die” um that is not correct

  30. She did NOT just say "I love Meghan" do you sis? Do you really?

  31. Jokes on you, millennials will be dead by 2090
    More like: ok zoomer

  32. Jokes on them. We’ll all be dead.

  33. Bruh iron man dead

  34. I’d still be listening to BTS ??

  35. I love meghan
    Sis that was city girls?

  36. 7:35 it’s lazy not crazy lol

  37. World wide free wifi is dangerous. Viruses and shit

  38. If I show my kids my music, its gonna be death metal.

  39. ha she said that’s a funny joke even tho carti fr ain’t drop WLR

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