We compare the stainless steel Series 4 gold Apple Watch. the aluminum gold Apple Watch Series 4, and the rose gold Series 2 Apple Watch.
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  1. Manufacturer of that charger in the background?

  2. Where is the 2019 gold comparison video?

  3. WE NEED TO KNOW! What is that blue charging stand you use??????

  4. I got one about 5 months ago… i wish i bought myself a classy watch instead and a separate FitBit. Loooooads of apps are not compatible including whatsapp etc. Even if mine is cellular as well, u cant send or receive messages if you dont have the phone close by. You can make calls but you wont find any contact in the contact directory unless you have the phone near by. Waste of money honestly. Sure, if u have spare cash and dont mind wasting it is absolutely lovely watch…thats all it is.. a watch ✌️

  5. Should I buy one used from the pawn shop or am I'm better off getting one new

  6. going to buy my ceramic one today

  7. I had the actual gold aluminum original apple watch and it looked so classy…but it didn't get scratched and scuffed up like the SS. Always clean looking matte finish. I really don't like the gross pink color. It should not be called Gold….or even Rose Gold. It should be called Rose Metallic…which is what it is. Sometimes it looks ok…but sometimes I think it's a really gross undesirable looking pink.

  8. Casey Neistat built a 24 Karat GOLD AW. Check it out, it looks gorgeous.

  9. Would’ve been nice of you compared it to 18k yellow gold

  10. I wish the gold stainless steel had a cheaper gps only model so I could match my phone

  11. Wow after seeing the stainless steel version, it makes the aluminum look like plastic.

  12. Nice comparison.

  13. Buy that stainless steel gold please. I bought aluminium gold. The Glass is terrible. Scratched in 7 days. I did not do anything crazy. If you want to keep the watch for 5 years or longer, buy the stainless steel Gold, it has better glass. Please Do not waste money on Aluminium gold

  14. Great video! Could you tell me the maker of your Apple Watch desktop charger in this video

  15. I actually feel like the stainless steel gold looks more yellow than the Aluminum but everyone sees differently so it’s really hard to tell. I love them either way, and I’m happy with the change from the (basically pink) rose gold.

  16. Can we change the watch band that come with it when we buy it?

  17. Do you know if the stainless steel apple watch can only be bought with cellular? I really like the stainless steel but I do not need the cellular feature

  18. I like the stainless because it has the sapphire crystal, which is harder to break and it matches the Milanese watchband. I didn’t want cellular though, but it only comes with gps/cellular. Also it matches the new gold IPhone.

  19. Stainless is to shiny for me to bad because it’s a better material to but I’m going with the gold aluminum, thnx for the comparison!

  20. Whats the apple watch stand used in minute 2:05?

  21. I just want to know how the wear and tear on the stainless steel gold is. Does it scratch as easy as the silver? Or is it as resistant as the space black

  22. This is by far the best review ive seen. Very detailed and touching on points people actually care about. Good Job!

  23. The stainless steel gold is a beauty

  24. Stainless Gold ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. The aluminium gold looks so cheap in comparison it looks like complete shit.

  26. Please learn how to put on loop bands. The loop lug goes at the bottom. It looks clunky as hell putting at the top how you constantly did in the video and many people wrongly do.

  27. Is the gold from the series 3 the same as the series 4?

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