AppleInsider compares the 2019 10.2-inch iPad against the 2019 Fire HD 10! Both 10-inch tablets with very different features and purposes. Check it out!

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  1. Bad advice on the memory for the Fire. Not all apps use the SD card, including Netflix, so you may well want the 64gb if you download lots of movies.

  2. I just got the Fire HD 10 for $109. You can install Google play store so you aren't locked in to Amazon's terrible store. Great device!

  3. This was a good comparison, I got the iPad

  4. you cant upgrade ipads… fire just buy multiple large cards 🙂 apple scares me. so controlled. pretty sure darth vader is a apple fan… sheeple huawei and amazon to a lesser degree samsung (if they dont blow up). to hell with apple.

  5. Just bought the Kindle Fire 10 for $109 at Amazon Book Store here in Seattle. Love it!

  6. All the benefits you mentioned were all additional extras .

  7. I don't understand your comparison , just pay more for the better device because you say so.

  8. this is just a dumb vanity video showing a fat face giving personal opinions.

  9. How much are apple paying him for the hype

  10. Not even comparable, iPad is better!

  11. I've had it with my Fire 10. I was happy to get a tablet so cheap, and it was serviceable for a while, but it's just too slow and unreliable. Having to side load Google Play and still having a lot of apps that either simply won't work or are buggy, was never a good option. I'm just over crashing apps, and trying to type on a tablet with ridiculous lag. For the simplest of tasks or for a casual user, maybe the new version of the Fire 10 would suffice, but after seeing all these reviews of the iPad 7, for the extra cash, I can't pass up the chance to finally get a more premium tablet. If all you can afford is the Fire 10, great, but having to settle for one thing when you want something else, really sucks. It's ok for a little while, and maybe in this case I am fortunate since you can finally get a cheap iPad that uses a smart keyboard, a pencil, and software actually designed for a tablet.

    I'm not an Apple fanboy, the only other Apple thing I've bought was the first iPod Touch. Yes it means entering the Apple ecosystem, but that's no worse than being a part of the Amazon ecosystem, and I won't have to side load the apps I want, not to mention there are just so many to choose from. Yeah of course there are things about this particular iPad that are less than, but for someone like me that does their video editing and such on a PC, I really only need a tablet that is reliable and responsive. Sadly over the last two years or so, the Fire 10 simply couldn't do that for me, and I can't see something that is basically a device to consume Amazon products, even if it's a bit faster, do what an honest to goodness tablet can. I'm not going to pretend that relying on Apple to treat me right isn't scary, but I've wanted a good tablet for years that didn't make me choke on the price, and I think this is the one that has finally sold me.

  12. A 'review' from an Apple fanboy… Lol. Glorifying A ,downplaying B… & of course justifying contributing more cash to the Apple-cult movement… No thanks… Just purchased the Fire 10, installed 4 apk to get Google Play store and this thing rocks… For half the price of comparable spec iPad….

  13. honestly i think the ipad are pretty dang good the fire one is just ok also but doesnt probably have wfif message or call and the ipad you can do very awesome things with it

  14. What an absolute useless review of two tablets. Most of the time we see this dude's face, no textual key points or anything.

  15. I just realized when I'm watching a video on a minimized window while also on Facebook on my fire tablet, if a comment has a gif in it my tablet will bring up a warning that I have to close my video, and there's no option to skip this, so the gif wind out even though I couldn't care less about the gif. ? plus I can't double tap on YouTube videos to go back or forward 10 seconds, and I don't think it does screen shots. I'm feeling underwhelmed for sure.

  16. If your looking for basic features, (Facebook/social media, emailing, watching youtube/movies and shopping, etc) go for the Amazon Fire HD 10. If your going for gaming and much more use, go for the iPad, as it is obviously a lot more powerful with the iPhone 7 chip (A10 Fusion Chip). The Amazon Fire HD 10 is great value if your on a budget, though!

  17. Got the Fire for my wife for $99 and sideloaded Google Play Store. She does YouTube, Facebook, and email. At $99 it was a no brainer.

  18. I bought an Ipad this year…I have had Kindles and just got this new one…Ipads are much more complicated to use and alot of the apps you have to pay for. Kindle's are much easier to use , less expensive and I feel a better buy. I use the Ipad some but love the Kindles I have had and the new one knocks it out of the park for for what it offers…

  19. Once I installed the play store and added a sdcard, the iPad lost. Fire tab rulls!!

  20. This guy forgot to mention the worst part about iPads: They do not have expandable storage. Fire Tablet does. And I dont play video games. Thus, dont need an ipad.

  21. video sucks all he did was trash the hd 10

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