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Should you get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e? Even though both tablets look quite similar, there are some important differences. The Galaxy Tab S6 is much faster, for instance, and features the S Pen stylus. With that being said, both offer a great 10.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, four speakers, and Android 9 Pie with the Samsung DeX desktop…

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  1. Give me, dear. I need for studing. Kisses from Brazil ?

  2. How about using it for writing and reading articles ? is ipad pro have better screen if I need to write articles, I mean the font quality not watching a youtube video ?

  3. Nowadays, the Tab S4 is priced much closer to the S5e. Compared to the S5e, the S4 has a faster processor, bigger battery, S-Pen, and headphone jack. The S4 only costs $50 more than the S5e (from Best Buy). Also the S5e has WiFi issues when you hold it on the left side. I hope this post helps someone… I almost forgot about the LED light on the S4!

  4. I tried both of these tablets side by side…my benchmark : opening and closing regular apps and surprise that tab 5 Se was faster…now if you are a gamer and the pen ..really does not matter that much.. yes go tab 6..but she'll a lot more ca$h!!!

  5. For 99% of the people – the cheaper one. Hardly anyone uses tablets or phones to their utmost potential anyway. And when it is about gaming – really? That is what a PC or a console is for. And painting or drawing on that stuff? Either get a Wacom Cintiq pro .. or if it MUST be portable a Wacom mobile studio pro. So those little tablets are just for light media consumption anyway.

  6. They have a similar experience on dex mode or not?

  7. You can save money for movies and buy s5e ?? NO… S5e dont have HDR so if you want see HDR on youtube or netflix movies you must buy S6 …

  8. Great video! Great information on these tablets!

  9. Could somebody tell me,
    If I bought s5e tablet Korean model..
    But i live in Europe.
    Does it matter??

  10. Why does my tab s2 have more color than my s6? Another problem you can only play 4k hdr on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon won't work, another problem I think that my s6 doesn't have enough contrast I'm thinking of returning my s6 it's not as promised, especially when hdr is only available on youtube and even the hdr is to bright not enough color or contrast.

  11. It's pretty obvious s6 is way better

  12. I wanted to wait for the S6, but bought the LTE version of S5e as that was available and the S6 LTE version was end of year. Love the S5e, but can be sluggish from time to time, needing a restart. Having LTE on the tablet is super convenient! Would never by a tablet again with it!

  13. Does the s5e support any stylus where I can use for highlighting stuff?

  14. Intro music too loud!

  15. i needed this comparison. but in the philippines, the s5e is 26k and the s6 46k. there's some discrepancy in the pricing.

  16. You forgot something very important
    Display of S5e doesn't support HDR like s4/s6

  17. I don't need the pen at all, so that is not a factor for me.
    I have a surface for a 'laptop work' and haven't used the pen since the first week, and i don't plan to game on the tablet at all.
    I only plan to use it to watch Netflix/HBO/YT. Although since i am a nerd i have a hard time ignoring performance, so i am in doubt which to buy, but i am leaning to the S5e since i am also a cheapskate. Decisions, decisions..

  18. What is the tab s6 battery like, i seen a video and thr guy said it drains fast ???

  19. I don't game on my tablets and don't care about the S pen so the S5e is the clear choice for me (: and it means i get to save $350 (CAD).

  20. does S5e play HDR?

  21. I think the best one is the s5e because it's cheaper than most tablets while offering top notch content consumption and a certain degree of productivity with samsung DEX, the s6 is pretty good but for that price you can almost buy a good ipad, which has ipadOS and you can do way more stuff in it.

  22. I read an article that the Tab S6 is the first tablet rated for HDR10+, which suggests that maybe the screens aren't exactly the same.

  23. I'm just going to wait a year and get the s6 used.

  24. Thank you for intersting review

  25. I heard the Tab a5e has WiFi issues because of the hand placement on the tablet

  26. Just watching gadgets I cannot afford. Enjoy MJ. 🙂

  27. My budget allow me for tab s5e only. Great tab highly recommended for low budget.

  28. Samsung Galaxy Tab a 10.1 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e comparison please

  29. I use a generic stylus that works well for scrolling and tapping on an app, and I prefer a full sized keyboard instead of an expensive and cramped toy. I am the typical consumer who likes to have the newest and shiniest product, but too much is being released too fast for my bank account to keep up with. Therefore, I think I will continue to use my current devices until they are older and slower than me! Thanks for the comparison though. If I was in the market, it was nice to know that I could buy a quality tablet 5e and save money.

  30. Does the keyboard cover of the S6 also work on the S5e? Great review!

  31. Watching on my tab A 10.1 2019 😀

  32. With Spen, the S6 is far better.

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