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In this video I explain computer components and computer related questions that architects might have.

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  1. Dear Sir, thanks for best tutorial, I am am very much fine of your tutorial.
    today I installed a Sketcup, I am having error "sketchup hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled on your graphics card "
    would you please help me to fix this issue

  2. Hi, im new to learning these, i'm interested in buying a loptop someday. Can i use both the hdd and the ssd at the same time?

  3. as a quadro user i may share a little secret – quadro doesnt do shit for 3ds max workflow, nor are they good for most renderers. they have their use in solidvorks, and some other software, but it really vary from software to software. in fact you will be way better of with high end gaming card in 3ds max.
    the video is mostly an assembly of "professional" cliches you might read on forums where people have no idea what they are talking about.

  4. Thanks for all great videos you provided, very informative, Learn a lots from your videos, My System: Acer Predator Helios, 15" Full HD 144Hz, i7 9750, RAM 16GB, GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti, SSD 256 GB, HDD 1TB

  5. My man's wants to pair a dual core or quad core with a quadro

  6. Civil engineering student here?

  7. Your comment of windows vs Mac should've been the same as desktop vs laptop. Mac doesn't have enough support for architecture software.

  8. I am using my Lenovo Thinkpad P52 laptop for business – i7 8850H., 16gb ddr4, Nvidia quadro P2000 4gb., and at home Asus TUF Gaming FX504 – i7 8750 , 16gb ddr4, Geforce GTX 1060 6gb. I am using Revit on both. It goes smooth on both, but it depend on size of project. But in general Revit works good also on gaming card with more memory.

  9. This in incorrect. You need a gaming computer to run rendering programs like lumion

  10. If we don't know you,we never used revit!

  11. Already revit is too costly
    Now you saying this way more costly setup
    As you should people with less money too learn this so they can't buy a laptop/pc with that much specs

  12. You said never use a computer with less than 8 gb of RAM in rendering ! yet later you said 9:31 your computer is " Gb of RAM !

  13. You're wRONG ! about hat to put on disks, windows files and software files are used more often and can slow the workflow so you should put them on SSD, and data files like autocad files, videos, pictures on the HDD cause you only open them once and since HDD is cheaper it comes more often in larger format.

  14. Yeah, ok. Hardware is hard and software is soft. Got it. Cheers.

  15. Pro tip for keeping the drive C clean. Right click on default directories like Downloads Videos Music etc. and change default location from C to D

  16. Hai bro
    I m using i3 7th genaration HP laptop. 1 tp harddisk . 4 gp ram .,
    Intel graphichs HD 620 .,

    I M USING REVIT 2020, autocad 2020 , Aotocad architecture 2020., sketchup 2018 , vray next for both sketchup and revit

  17. Bro thank you so much for this video

  18. you need to change that cooler for your CPU, man any gen i7 on stock cooler is like calling for a reactor meltdown and get a ryzen pc, cuz Revit now uses multiple threads

  19. this guy has Revit obsession

  20. Should invest in processor with turbo boost than with more cores

  21. very useful information Thank you.

  22. You need a GTX not a quadro for view port modeling

  23. I seriously appreciate your work and actually you're a cool guy, Thank you so much for this informative video. ?

  24. "Use at least a dual core or quad core" what year it is??

  25. What about monitor, which monitor good if we use softwares like revit, Photoshop and lumion?

  26. Hello sir I'm a architect student this video was very useful and I've planned to buy a work station, thank you sir.

  27. I love this video, it is 100% real, relatable, and Funny af!

  28. thank you…u are very kide u know..

  29. bro what about Nvidia Quadro VX200 ??? is it suitable for 3d workstation 

  30. Some one please tell me
    Do Intel i3 processor 1st generation with 8gb ram laptop config is sufficient to run Revit to learn.

  31. what happend with subtitles! thanks balkan!

  32. 3:00 – What about AMD's RX580 or RX590, if not Vega ? In regards to NVIDIA Quadro, it would be nice if you've added benchmark references in render time etc. in order to demonstrate some impossible ROI (or value as dollar for performance vs costs and contractual downtime)… But anyways this clip targets school students and such on a budget, so yeah, you're right. I'd also lurk towards AMD's GC which are cheaper for about the same performance. And in regards to architects and engineers, as opposed to NVDIA's gaming solutions (including the RTX 2080), its ALU cores allow for 64 bit double precision calculations… Personally if I was a student with a budget, I'd go with one RX580-RX590, or better yet, two or three RX580 in Crossfire (AMD's Crossfire also adds more relative efficiency than NVIDIA's SLI). The RX580 is cheaper, offers more memory and works better than a NVIDIA 1060 and compares to a 1070 (I'm not talking about gaming fps…). Two in crossfire easily beat the NVIDIA 1070 and competes with a 1080 or 2080 in several areas like calculation hash (kind of the same iterative stress imposed by finite element mesh rendering for instance)

  33. Bro…i have a sony vaio i purchased it in 2010…i need to buy a pc…i am confused weather to buy lappy or desctop…i might need my lappy im college or at work i should go fr desktop or go fr laptop..

  34. for some reason revit works so clunky on my laptop.. never had same problem with rhino or sketchup.


  36. i feel like he's staring into my soul

  37. For my new setup I used a Ryzen 2700 that costs a lot less than a compatible Intel processor and does an amazing job…. I use it with a NVDIA Graphics card and my programs never crash!! Maybe I will try a AMD Graphics Card next time since the new NVDIA cards seem to be having a lot of problems these days….

  38. Thank you I really design my Desktop

  39. You are right on the Quadro cards. One point you forgot was that your chances of model degradation when moving around is much less with quadro cards. Good video

  40. 32GB ram ? OMG
    No wonder my Revit is so slow
    I only have 6GB?

  41. it was useful

  42. helpful. thank you so much

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