These kids bluetooth headphones look great and sound great as well. Obviously, the only true way to test the quality of any product is prolonged use, but my initial impression is very positive. Very simple to pair to your bluetooth device. I was surprised that I could even fit these on my big head, so they should fit any kid. One of the best things about these headphones is the volume limiter so your kid doesn’t damage their ears from overly loud volume. Find it on Amazon here:…

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  1. Can you use these for adults. I want to get these for my girlfriend haha ?

  2. I wasn't looking in2 buying headphones cus my special needs daughter NEVER keeps them on and the cord gets all tangled so I stopped buying/trying 2 get her 2 use them BUT I saw you video and felt VERY OLD cus it NEVER occurred 2 me 2 buy "bluetooth" headphones – I'm now excited and HOPING she will keep on and I won't need 2 listen 2 Victorious or Big Time Rush ALL DAY LONG!!! lol

    Thanks gadget man ??

    (Ps-I don't allow all day watching lol I don't want comments on telling me "omg that's bad)


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