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  1. Soooo couples corner needs to be a more regular thing! LOVE IT

  2. You two are seriously adorable together!

  3. Thanks for another great video! My husband and I eat differently, and it is a learning curve, but definitely doable☺

  4. I started cooking chicken thighs a few weeks ago and I am hooked!

  5. How do you get your egg white so perfect and not to stick to the pan?? Love it!!

  6. ❤️❤️❤️?

  7. great video
    yes my husband eats what I cook, just a much larger portion and then after dinner snacks on trail mix and chocolate! I was snacking with him at first and then wondering why I wasn’t losing weight, since I workout pretty regularly! Well I had to stop all that after dinner snacking!
    my husband has been weight training since high school and has a lot of muscle mass
    So of course or metabolisms are different and It helped me to realize you really can’t out train too many calories ?

  8. I love this so much! Y’all are so adorable!

  9. I do the same type of thing. I track macros and my husband does not. I make a bunch of shredded chicken, a container of rice, a container of cooked sweet and regular potatoes then another container of a different protein. We always have salad stuff and a ton of veggies. I buy him pizza crusts, sauce and cheese. He has wraps and bread and BBQ sauce. It just works!!

  10. I can seriously relate. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years now and it has always been a struggle! ?

  11. Ahhhhh!!!! You always show pretzel ? buns and I can never find any at my stores ? I know I’d love them if I could ever get my hands on some ! Lol

  12. Love the cooking bits you do! I love getting to see different ways I can prepare foods keep it up ??????

  13. Gotta click the like when I see you and bae in the thumbnail ??? New sub and I love all your videos! Fire ??

  14. Imagine cooking 4 different meals loll my kids are so piki but still eat healthy for kids loll Love you guys ?

  15. Thanks for responding to some feedback, it is a really nice video with you two 🙂 cooking for tracking and getting extra for the partner is a great idea which I will definitely try..thanks! More couple videos please they are informative and warm my heart 🙂 xx

  16. my husband and i had very different eating habits before living together and now after 4 years of being married, we eat the same things just different quantities, BUT we also do what you and austin do. so I also have a sensitive stomach and cannot eat as much processed foods (where he will buy some treats here and there) and he will also get pizza on fridays. We also cook together which is very helpful!

  17. Thanks so much for doing videos together. I love seeing how you both work together on your goals. It's really encouraging for me.

  18. Great vids keep it up which watch faces do you use on your versa?

  19. Love the video topic! This is exactly the thing im dealing with. My boyfriend and I have such a different diet! ???

    PS: I would be very happy if you try to use less single use plastic like coffee cups and shopping bags. ? Everyone of us can make a difference on the planet with so little effort ♥️

  20. You guys are too cute !!! I’m married with a 2 year old and I have counted macros for a few years defiantly helps as an endurance athlete / cross-fitter. The hard part is after meal prep my 2 year old will always try to eat my meals that I weigh out . I’m like go eat your dads he doesn’t measure his food ?

  21. Definitely can relate to this! Loving the videos you guys do together!

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