Hai friends I am Anusha in this video I have explained about CTC computer shopping zone in Telugu. CTC is a marketplace where we get cheapest computers, laptops and mobiles at Wholesale Price. CTC computer shops are located in Hyderabad which is in Secunderabad. CTC is a wholesale market where we get computer accessories, mobile accessories and phone covers at one place that is CTC. There are nearly 75 plus computer shops in CTC. Also, we get CCTV cameras at a low price. In CTC we get…

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  1. Where I will get Sony laptop fans?

  2. Thanks mam valuable information plz keep it up.

  3. Iam 1st time
    Phone nomber levvu

  4. Phone number kuda add cheyandi

  5. E shop lo latest amd processors dorukuthaya

  6. Thankyou sister… important information…… Iam photo grapher

  7. address yekada madam, i have internet center madam,

  8. Cost of each laptop

  9. Hyd lo address ekkada madam

  10. madam lenov laptop kavali address cheppandi

  11. Adress cheppaledu

  12. Thank you for information…

  13. Send me adrass sister

  14. Madame nenu new ga computer shop pedadam anukuntunna so ee products manchiga untayaa cheppandi madame

  15. Thanks for the reply

  16. Atuvanti computer tesukunte bhaguntundi cheppandi

  17. sis second laptops vuntaya entha cost

  18. This area name sister ?

  19. Can we sell our old laptops there

  20. endhukani Antha thakuvaku estunnaru. ee mainaa frod vuntundhaa

  21. Mam can you make in hindi also

  22. Aa place adress yekkada

  23. Video bagatesav kaana shop owner phone number vochela video tesuntea bagundedhi anyway thank you for the information

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