Ladies! Are you looking for the Best wireless headphones for under $100 and also want stylish headphones that are feminine and cute?

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LOOK NO FURTHER! How cute are these marble headphones? These white bluetooth headphones are amazing! They are the nicest and most elegant wireless headphones I have ever owned and they are also really high quality headphones for cheap! You really can’t ask for any more because there are not that…

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  1. headphones disable your ability to won't hear the rapist murderer coming up behind you.

  2. Hlooooo….you didn't sead about the bass

  3. Omg that case on the beginning of the video ?

  4. Aww i Love you the best youtuber of the world ?

  5. Love it! ? minimal and classy ?

  6. Such cute headphones I love it!!???

  7. Test pop socket placement test test aaswwwwwwtest why are you whispering?

  8. Absolutely love your videos! You go girl! ❤️❤️

  9. Omg they look incredibly nice 😀
    btw: did your nails change throughout the video? haha 😀 They look very nice though

  10. Under 100 dollars:These do 99 dollars but if you want them to be pretty pay 20 more!

  11. The headphones look so chic ?

  12. I found you from reberto Blake video I love your story so I had to come check u out ❤️?very motivational

  13. Waaw,.. Nice headphones,.. Thank you for this video,..

  14. I hate how it says for WOMEN

  15. I need them! Direct to my wish list ??

  16. great idea as a gift! 🙂

  17. I've had my eye on the sudio wireless earbuds for ages. I just haven't ever made the purchase. I would love to see an in depth review on what you thought of them and customer service etc.

  18. Looking good Kim. Love the design caps for the ends of them (am i allowed to say that even though they're headphones for women)?

  19. I love that you can customize them with the caps. I'd probably choose the marble design too.

  20. Sooo cute!!! I love that they're interchangeable…how do they sound?

  21. Sudio is a really good brand. Great review! The presentation and demonstration is awesome!

  22. Great review – loving the tech focus that we are now seeing with your channel!

  23. They are definitely amazing! especially for ppl who like to customize the headphones to fir their clothes!

  24. Awe I want a pair if those. You are just so ausome. ????????

  25. Great intro and really pretty headphones ?

  26. LOVE YOUR INTROS ❤️ thank you for posting ??

  27. These are mad cute! Love the gold and white. The marble caps was the icing on top!

  28. Heyyy I like the intro song!

  29. The headphones are cute and its great to use in the gym instead of using your regular headphones and you can run in them unlike your other that fall out

  30. Ok I really love those! They definitely are beautiful and lovely ? I love the gold against the white detailing. Being able to customize them is a nice bonus too.

  31. Ohhh that's a slick intro… also, these headphones are dope. I'd buy a pair lol

  32. I wish u could take out your bra

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