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  1. Purchased the keyboard when it was one sale for $30 almost a year and a half after it was introduced. Still a solid performer.

  2. Can I use harddisk or pendrive in it and download torrents directly into hardisk or pendrive

  3. the battery on my android notebook died and I cant find a replacement….I loved that thing it was my on the road alarm clock ,radio , and email machine

  4. $499 10inch with no keyboard.
    $629 with keyboard.

    Wow way too expensive, you would think that with how cheap SoC are and not needing to pay licence fees for an OS the price would be better.

  5. Can't we get one with Windows?

  6. u look like Brad Pitt

  7. Try androiduim on it

  8. If you have one
    and you dont have minecraft pc, and you want it so badly

    Go install Boardwalk
    a free useful app to run it!

  9. get free program "set orientation" for profile only orientation of apk's to work in landscape, such an easy fix!

  10. can you expand memory?

  11. thought the battery was 7000 mah?

  12. how many these?

  13. I'm watching this video on one

  14. it would awesome if it ran remix os

  15. surface book is overpriced more than this

  16. How is the price Ok? It's a really cool implementation but sooo not worth it.

  17. Wow, id gotta say am not a fan of android on Larger than usual devices but this one looks really cool. Is that an OLED panel? But the price..quite expensive

  18. can't you change the trackpad speed on it
    I have it on even my Dell venue 8 7000

  19. eMMC? Yuck! SSD or go home.

  20. I just paid 200 for one

  21. It is beautiful just which it had Windows 10

  22. short answer: get a Surface.

  23. They lowered to $400 for some sale. At $529 for a 16gb version+keyboard still seems a bit high to me for a limited device. $400 seems like a good compromise especially when competing devices beat the web browsing experience at about 9+hours.

  24. Can you pair it up to a Game console like XBOX or PS4?

  25. i think that this is way better than chromebook, i kinda wish chromeos was just android

  26. O V E R P R I C E D !

  27. The backpack are the aorus b3 right?

  28. lame, not even cherry trail?

  29. lame, not even cherry trail?

  30. this would need a full size usb port if i was going to get it!

  31. this thing is nice, but i think it s way heavier than the z4 tablet. my whole pt of getting a tablet is for the weight to replace my laptop for certain situations

  32. These are the tablets my school gave us

  33. To the people asking who would use this–though niche in nature, I would argue this would be very handy in hospitals. It's size lends itself well to fit into a white coat, and it would be easy to whip it out in jiffy when you need to type up orders or update a note on the fly. I personally use an iPad mini currently, and it has been nothing short of a 'lifesaver' (pun intended) on busy days.

  34. What's the point of an android laptop if you already have a full ultrabook and a high end smartphone?

  35. Use "Screen Rotation Control" app for landscape mode.
    Find it on Google Play

  36. I would just go the iPad Air 2 route. Battery life is off the charts, performance crushing all else, smooth experience throughout. Trust me when I say this, because I have went through the Nexus 7 1st, 2nd, Tegra Note 7, Shield Tablet, and finally the Nexus 9… All of these past experiences were horrible, but once I went iOS, omg, now I understand why people love Apple.

  37. why is the zenfone2 more powerful?

  38. Anybody find a stylus with which you can write notes and sketches on the display of the Venue 10 7000?  The Targus that Dell sells for it doesn't work except as a pointing device – the tip is too big, it lack sensitivity and doesn't have palm rejection. This is the biggest minus I have found for this tablet.

  39. Android Laptop. srsly Dell?

  40. reasons not to get it:
    1) The price: you can get a reasonably priced windows laptop for that.
    2) Updates! Unlike Windows Android doesn't update all products the manufacturer has to.
    3) The screen scratches easy. I had the venue 8 version of this and even though i cradled it like a baby it still had a scratch on it somehow.

    It is great for the time being but the effect wont last with androids constantly updating and leaving models out dated. Save the pain and buy a laptop.

  41. And people say the surface 3 is expensive? Shesh you can't make anyone happy these days!

  42. does it support Ethernet adapter OTG ??

  43. Dimitri, plenty of rotation control apps that let you force apps to rotate my friend ?

  44. Try an app called rotation. It's free and requires no permissions and works for me

  45. The lack of landscape is hurtful.

  46. Those blankets pay more than NCIX?

  47. Дима молодец!

  48. like it but cost alot of money

    some company will take this idea make it cheaper and nobody remember dell ever make one lol

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