Dell XPS 13 (9300) Laptop Unboxing, First Impressions and Mini review! This is a beautiful, light and super portable ultrabook! Watch for the full review.

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  1. I restarted the computer and the brightness control started working again. I'll let you know in my full review if it happens again or if it's been fixed permanently. Hit me up on or if you have any questions!

  2. "Dell makes the best keyboards" .. yeah, no. NO. Under which rock have you been hiding since 1992?!? THINKPAD makes the best (notebook) keyboards! Even with the current "new" technology, they're still the best (although I think anything after T530 is pretty crappy .. but compared to the rest? Hail to the King, baby!).

    .. of corpse, that is just NOTEBOOKS.
    If you want a decent keyboard, get something with switches inside (eg. Cherry MX Blue, or maybe Red / Brown for a more notebookish setup) ^_^

    cu, w0lf.

  3. MacBook is better.

  4. Make a 3:2 aspect ratio and I'll get one day one.

  5. I love your videos! Just wanted to ask if this configuration would run photoshop, After effects and FL Studio perfectly with some gaming like Call of Duty? I own a 2019 macbook pro 13 in, but it heats alot and is damn slow, So want to go back to windows.

  6. I'm still using my XPS 13 9360. Waiting for them to bring that aspect ratio to the 15inch because I have started day trading and I need a bigger screen

  7. You mentioned fan noise. I'd be curious to know if the fan curve is stepped (i.e. 2000 rpm, 2500 rpm, 3200 rpm, 4000 rpm, etc.) or continuous like the few MacBook Pros I've owned over the course of a decade. I have a Dell Precision 5530 (as far as I can tell it's an XPS 15 with an Intel Wifi card and Quadro graphics [optional xeon cpu]) and the fan curve seems to be stepped which can get quite annoying when the fan fluctuates between two speeds. One thing I can appreciate about MacBooks is the fan curve seems to be continuous and the fans ramp up in a way that is less audibly intrusive. Cheers, thanks for your reviews!

  8. 4:00 downward facing speakers is a bad idea. speakers need to aim at you – not at the table

  9. well it about 1000$+ so I'll wait till it drop. I'm not gonna buy it now?


  11. Suddenly a laptop without an Apple logo and only USB C ports is ok? ?

  12. I wish they could change the maglev keyboard in the next 2 in 1

  13. Your videos style changed drastically to the better. Clean, to the point and hitting the important stuff. Thank you!

  14. Thankyou for including the CDN price!

  15. My 2011 Dell XPS 15z…one of the best laptops ever..time for an upgrade I guess 😀

  16. I bought one. Works well minus typical XPS quirks like not sleeping and staying on in my messenger bag. And WiFi card is not replaceable which might make me sell it pretty soon.

  17. Deciding between this and Asus G14

  18. Ik not everyone likes touch displays but damn is it that hard to give us a fhd touch version? Hope its more reliable than all the other Dell laptops..

  19. you have a very nice voice for radio

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