Should a Designer get a Desktop or a Laptop???

The choice between Graphic Design Laptops vs Desktops is a huge one for designers. Good computers cost enough nowadays that you don;t want to make the wrong decision and be forced to live with it for longer than you have to. Whether you are doing Graphic design, web design, interface design you need the right tools for the job.

In this VLOG I go over a few considerations while choosing what machine to buy. It’s all dependent on your situation,…

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  3. I like my macbook for movies and chill but I prefer Windows for heavy duty work.

  4. If brandon urie was a graphic designer

  5. I just got an iMac 27 inch and when I build a website on this new computer, the site renders differently when viewed on a laptop due to the difference in screen size. How can you avoid this?

  6. What screensaver is that?

  7. great video, thanks man!

  8. Hey men can you please check this laptop our for me and let me know if it can do graphics design? please really want to know Please email me at

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  10. This was helpful! I’m going to be going back to school this year focusing on web design but learning mostly coding on my own free time. I’m a Mac person myself, what do you think? Of course I would love to have both at one point but starting out?

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