In this video, I explain the differences and similarities of the 10.5″ iPad Air and the new 10.2″ iPad 7th Generation. They look a lot alike but have a big price gap. They both support the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and both run iPad OS 13. Any app you can run on an iPad Air will run on a 10.2″ iPad, so why does Apple sell both? Find out.
Does the iPad Air offer enough to justify the $170+ extra cash you have to cough up for it, or will the new 10.2″ iPad serve you well enough?

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  1. Disable the autofocus on your camera… You don't run away, so you really don't need it.

  2. One last thing: the iPad Air will receive iPadOS updates for longer than the iPad 7th gen will.

  3. Great explanation thank you !

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