I make the most of adulthood by mixing all my Pringles together, shrinking some crisps, having a tie dye adventure and… deep frying stuff.




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  1. idk why it's so distressing to me that he eats Pringles upside-down??!

  2. Bruh the amount of things I wanted to do from art attack but wasn't allowed


  4. 8:40 I see mr crabs from sponge bob lol

  5. How the crisp packet thing works..

    So when making the packet they stretch the plastic from its original condensed form (kinda like a small block or sheet) and it under goes plastic deformation (where it is stretched and doesn’t return to its original position). When it is heated it allows the plastic to return to its original position, before it was stretched and deformed to make a crisp packet, making tiny little crisp packets.

  6. Phil : Oh My God Pringles Pringles-
    Me : I don't like pringles… They're weird.

  7. If you shake the frying basket it won't stick to the bottom of it! ?

  8. I got so stressed with you having your phone over the fryer oh god

  9. Let me just say that I’m really glad you didn’t try to use the deep fryer on your lap like you did with your printer last year…

  10. This is just thanos with all of the infinity stones

  11. I’m loving the frequent uploads like no more 3 vids a year but dan on the other hand last time I checked he hasn’t made a video since his coming out vid so….

  12. Jalapeno pringles are delicious.

  13. phil: "don't try any of this at home" also phil: tie dies a shirt

  14. Art attack with Lloyd was the best ngl

  15. loaded baked potato is the best pringles flavor and you can't change my mind.

  16. The tie dye shirt is actually quite beautiful.

  17. Phil: why would you ever get original when theres so many other flavours Me: gasp in basic

  18. Putting the crisp packet into the microwave makes it smaller

  19. I'm wearing pringles socks…they're from primark.
    so heads up.

  20. Heathen. Original is the best

  21. You should try battered chocolate orange ?

  22. Nooo, put it into the oil while the basket is already in the oillll

  23. Ngl Phil original is my second fave flavour, also… HOW COULD YOU MISS PRAWN COCKTAIL?? Can you guess my first favourite flavour? ?

  24. 5:45 I loved Art Attack! It was the best, but I never actually did any of the stuff they showed. Anyone else?

  25. You totally should do one of these videos with your parents actually in the video! ? Awesome video as always! ?

  26. Thats an oven chief

  27. phil where are you even did you move or something

  28. TExAs BArrbieQUeeq

  29. i only buy original pringles….. im offended, phil

  30. Phil: "This is the biggest large ive ever seen" holds up my shirt size Me: starts crying

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