Not sure if an iPad Pro is right for you? After this video, you will know!
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  1. What iPad is YOUR favorite and why?

  2. What if you get the iPad Pro 10.5 for the same price as the new iPad Air? What would you choose?

  3. there is ipad pro 10.5

  4. After months of searching I finally found the perfect iPad for my needs, the iPad Pro 10.5 from 2017.
    I am loving this tablet, and also had a great deal on it by paying 550€ for the 512GB version brand new.
    Basically it is an iPad Air 3 with more features and better hardware (except the processor everything else is better), at a better price, because in my country the Air 3 64GB WiFi only would’ve been 570€, so I thought, why not? 🙂
    Also I'm not concerned about updates 'cause of all the new iPads and the iPod with A10 processor, so with my A10X and 4GB of ram I should get other 5 years going 😉

  5. I bought the ipad air 3 and I'm so happy! I don't have the money for an ipad pro… I need a macbook for my graphic design work. If I had the money to buy an ipad pro I would rather invest that in a proper macbook. If I ever manage to make a living with my artworks….damn I will get a giant wacom screen instead of an ipad pro.

  6. I would prefer to buy an iPad Pro 10.5 than an Air

  7. Why does ipand mini 5 have big borders while watching movies ? Does it still come in Netflix or it is just for safari

  8. I think iPad mini 5 + cellular + 256 GB is the best iPad & device from Apple! Also 3.5 mm headphone jack available on

  9. I hope Apple will make the 2020 iPad Air like the 2018 iPad Pro because I think the iPad Pro (12.9 inch) is a little too big

  10. ⁸nice review i know what should buy for me.

  11. Great video! In your experience, do you consider enought 64bg justo for reading books (big books of medicine with hundred pages) and edit some of PDFs, or i need biger capacity? Im sorry about my english

  12. Extremely good summary, right on the money

  13. Do we need any antivirus software for the I pads

  14. I used Lumafusion in the last video that I made.

  15. I'm confused between ipad air and ipad pro. I'm a student and use for note taking.
    Can i use apple 2nd generation pencil with Ipad air ?? Can i add sd card and increase internal storage ??

  16. Can you Download Internet Extensions for safari with the ipadOS?

  17. ‘Put it down when you want to eat’? Easy, flip it over and it makes a perfect plate! (Believe me; I’ve done it.)

  18. His englisch though?

  19. I bought iPad Air 3gen last week and it’s a beast

  20. Thank you so much!
    This video was really helpful. 🙂

  21. it all depends what you want to do with an ipad, if you just want it for basic things like notes and things like that then yes go with something cheaper….but if you want to do more professional things like music editing or graphic arts or even gaming on it then for sure go with the pro ….so it just depends on ones needs.

  22. I had budget for highest iPad Pro but I spend it on air 2019. I buy certain premium accessories like apple pencil, zugu case, Bose headphone, anker charger, certain apps, keyboard, and a lot still i saved money. So thanks for this video as I have got best ROI.

  23. I bought a slightly used ipad pro 2017 10.5 from a friend

  24. For a teaching or performing musician, there is really no contest. I have not regretted my 12.9” iPad Pro purchase once. It fits on a music stand; the music is big enough to read; and you can pencil in performance notes during a rehearsal. You can even attach a device to enable difficult page turns with a foot pedal. The sound is good enough to use in an instrumental lesson while a pupil is playing, and they can still hear it as loud as their own playing. The uses in that context are many and varied. I do hope it doesn’t go the way of the 17” MacBook Pro because many musicians would be gutted.

  25. Tom, have you experienced any kind of bending problem with the iPad Pro 2018? I was thinking about getting one, but the comments all over the internet about bending issues is kind of scaring me. Thank you for your attention!

  26. Buy Ipad Pro 10.5” . Its 120hz screen . It has A10fusion chip. Its not available on but u can purchase from other retail outlets.
    I have it since 2017 since it was launched , its a beast.
    Also check YouTube videos of 10.5” ipad pro before buying .

  27. Great Channel

  28. Got the ipad pro 11in for $400 used and i'm loving it.

  29. Nice review. I got my first iPad Air (2019) On Christmas 2019 and I must say, I really really love it.

  30. Don’t actually have a favorite myself.I. Only just recently got my first iPad ever (The 10.2 inch iPad), and so far I love it!

  31. Im doing just fine with the ipad air

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