Apple has just released their 2019 10.2″ iPad!
Here’s why you should not buy it!

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The new 2019 10.2″ iPad is lacking quite a few features compared to the rest of Apple’s iPads! It’s basically identical to the 2018 iPad except for just a couple of features.

If this…

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    $249 SALE on new 2018 iPad (Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Mini 5 ($385 on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Air ($469 on Amazon) ➡

  2. You are always saying don't buy iPad model click bait titles. Always criticizing every ipad with some con.

  3. You’re an idiot the iPad is a nice and cheap device

  4. Oh quit being like toddler kid!!! We don’t care about your bullshit!!!

  5. At the one 1:47 Mark. You said you should spend your money on a 2019 iPad. Was that a mistake?

  6. apple to garbage comparison… garbage wins..

  7. So this video is about not buying the 2019 ipad if u already have the 2018 one? Stupid

  8. Well i already buyed it brah

  9. if you already own the 2018 ipad then its not necessary to upgrade. but if you dont have one, the ipad 2019 is the best thing you can get. period.

  10. The 10.2 is heavy on the battery, I have removed all unnecessary aps running in the background on it but is still harder on the battery than the Air 3 and 5 I still have (the kids iPad) this is just using YouTube

  11. If I don't have an iPad should I buy it

  12. Why is it so cheap?

  13. Well guess what I’m typing on it and it’s fine so fr* this sh*

  14. The iPad 7th gen is only 250 on amazon. The 7th gen will out live the 6th because of the ram.

  15. You have no idea what you're talking about its wayyyyyyyyy better and we are not spending thousands on and ipad its double performance than 6th gen you're so stupid

  16. Best for drawing? Have $400 budget. Looking at ipads, surface pro or go.

  17. Dose it really matter though

  18. you can buy this for $250. if you want an iPad, get this one

  19. More than enough for me and it's still a good price. I don't want to play fortnite on it. For that there are about 3 other platforms in the household. I just want a good media consuming device and i also use bias fx 2 to practice some guitar. For that i don't need any of the more expensive modells. This is just the perfect choice for me. And yeah as you mentioned 1 year appleTV+ (actually you mentioned this as the biggest plus which can be really misleading considering that appleTV+ got like no content. )

  20. The 2019 Ipad 10.2 is now 249 most places now! AlsoWhy are u not mentioning the extra gig of ram?

  21. Well I got a iPad Air one so I’m sure this itself is a great upgrade compare to the iPad Air one

  22. I got a Ipad 10.2 for christmas and i absolutely love it. Don’t know what u are talking about lol

  23. Watching this in my old 2012 ipad with Tears in my eyes ?

  24. Ugh you are not good

  25. you sound like a gadget doctor


  27. I ain’t bout to buy no more expensive iPad just to avoid getting this one

  28. The 10.2” model was just on sale for $250 as well. I couldn’t say no at that price.

  29. Yes I noticed that wasn’t worth it. I love my 2019 loaded IPad.

  30. Why did the 2019 iPad have a home button and the home button is way outdated

  31. It’s 249$ now on amazon so definitely worth it for the moment

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