Apple has just released their 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini 5! However, they look a bit underwhelming, especially the iPad Air!

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The new 2019 iPad Air is lacking quite a few features compared to the 2017 10.5″ iPad Pro that you can find for an…

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  1. What do you guys think of the new 2019 iPads? Comment your thoughts below!
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    Best deals on 2017 10.5" iPad Pro:
    $434 Refurbished (Amazon) ➡
    $570 Brand New (Amazon) ➡

    2018 iPad on SALE for ONLY $259 on Amazon ➡

  2. This dude is so bias smh ??‍♂️

  3. Ipad air for noob compare to 10.5

  4. You the only one how say the ipad air is bad! I have it and he is great!

  5. it still doesn't worth wasting 3 years of technical support and updates

  6. iPad Air 2019 is still the best iPad after the iPad pros

  7. This up is a stupid video…he’s comparing the Air to a Pro…

  8. So what you just like the ipad pro.
    Well i am not listening

  9. I bought the iPad Air 2019 with LTE I could of bought the most expensive pro but chose the air instead. I love it

  10. 1:35 No iPad Air 3 doesn’t suck,You Suck!!!

  11. Brought this as upgraded from a older iPad lose 4 speakers and a better camera tbh don’t bother me

  12. 3:15 you are completely wrong to recommend the 2018 ipad. It’s running a old a10 (not a10x) cpu from the iPhone 7 in 2016! Way too old and slow to recommend in 2019.

  13. Your reasons are not sufficient to say not to buy it. It’s still using a modern A12 cpu, same as iPhone XS, and a large battery paired with a phone cpu means long battery life.

  14. Yeah compare it to an iPad that’s not even for sale. Schmuck

  15. Number of people saying they bought the iPad Air ? Apple should be sponsoring this video

  16. I'm gonna buy the iPad Air because the pro will bent super duper easily if u have a iPad
    Pro you should be careful with it don't put so much pressure

  17. Well, that was a crap video.

  18. You say, we shouldn’t buy the iPad Air but in another video you recommend it

  19. ♾ % times better than the pro

  20. Hey mate any chance of solving a problem a mate and me both have. Now let me first say that due to the content of our videos, we both regularly get hacked by NASA sponsored hackers ok.
    Now by my mate in Canada and me here in Thailand wee keep in touch via his computer and mu iCloud mail on my iPad Air
    For some strange reason whenever he sends an email to my iPad it doesn’t go into my inbox but into my junk. This led me to miss over 40 emails from him at one time. This problem never happens with mail from any other source, only his. I have just had an update in software but the problem remains. Any idea what could be causing it please.

  21. $399.00 256 GB had to buy it.

  22. Lol im getting ipad air anyway

  23. Non of these reasons make sense for saying " DON'T BUY THE AIR"..
    Plus, I am a student and I have got one ❤

  24. iPad Air still seems like the better buy. It’s just more powerful

  25. Idiot reviewers like you fail to bring out the white spot plague on the 10.5 pro.

  26. I got it and regret it… i have problems with the image screen with grey bars and flickering inly bought it this month and randomly appeared….cost more to fix it too….

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