Right now is a great time to buy a gaming laptop, but don”t overpay for something you dont need! Heres a quick guide to help you out.
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If you’re playing the newest games, there’s nothing like a laptop that has the processing power to keep up. With a 9th Generation Intel® Core™ processor has the power to meet all of your gaming needs, and more: multitasking,…

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  1. Slight mistake at 3:05
    Instead of Overwatch, The top benchmark should be Rainbow Six Siege (High): 146

  2. Hey is there any reason not to include acer predator Helios 300?? In my opinion its best value for money instead of y540 or zephyrus one..

  3. 60Hz may be fine if you're looking at, say, Tetris Effect since this game is GPU-heavy even a 1050 Ti or a 1650 won't suffice

  4. Make sure you check the specs of the screen so it's at least 144hz before you spend a bunch of money on a more powerful graphics card. I almost made that mistake

  5. i got tuf gaming fx505DY for only 900$ and its good for gaming and video editing

  6. Brother, you are a saviour! Thank you so much!

  7. How can you talk about content creation and not mention the screen's gamut for a start.

  8. I want to buy i laptop for 3d content creation so which one i could buy

  9. I have 2700 usd budget.
    I am looking for gaming laptop for 3d animation, render and game level design and yup I love to play games which laptop is best for me?

  10. I have the L340 and it is very good and I m satisfied with it but sometimes some frames drop but it's OK.

  11. no wonder why you fell off

  12. I got a 5600xt just to only have a 60hz monitor but 144 hz monitors aren't that expensive

  13. Ordered a Y540 with an i7-9750H, 16GB RAM and an RTX 2060 6GB (144hz display) and a 1TB SSD.

    Gonna use it for my IT-study and some gaming on the side!

    I saw videos that the laptop kinda thermal throttles with those specs so I might slap on some cooling pads to get rid of that!

    Overall great f*cking design (imo) and the price was right at 1425eu 🙂

  14. I have the the lenovo legion with 144hz monitor. Use it for gaming and audio production. Great laptop

  15. There is a very valid reason to buy a laptop with a better graphics card than what the display will support. You can always buy a monitor that supports the higher fps rate to game on while using your laptops display for things like discord. Also, the y540 runs hot. I disable turbo to keep my temps below throttling point. The fans are barely adequate. Other than that it's an excellent machine.

  16. You can customize the Y540 on Lenovo's website, so you can say, pair the i5 with a 2060, and customize how much ram you want, and what screen you want.

  17. Why no one mentions gsync/freesync and its importance? Should I look for laptop with those features, or it is marketing b.. sh.. and 120+ Hz will be enough?

  18. Need help. My budget is 1700 and was hoping that i could get a laptop to last 3 to 5 years

  19. Asus nitro 5(gtx1650 & i5 9) vs pavilion 15 gaming(gtx1050 & i5 9) vs asus tuf fx505dt(gtx1650 & ryzen5 8), all are 2019 versions. Which is best performance, battery, heat & no thermal throttling, display? I'll appreciate if anyone could answer!

  20. What you think about the Lenovo y70 70 for gaming and creating today?

  21. You should change your title for top 3 best laptop

  22. I am playing WoW, which laptop is the best?

  23. Finally learning something I don't know! Thank you… Didn't know about the refresh rate

  24. ?understood about 10%of that but thankyou

  25. Is good a HP pavilion gaming 15 or 17???? Please help!!!

  26. core i7 9th gen with 6GB RTX 2060 with 144HZ , for gaming and content creation , is that a good choice ?

  27. Doesn't he sound like the guy from better call saul idk he drugs hector

  28. Ryzen 7 3750h + RTX 2060 Or i5 9300h + 1660ti ?? I could not make the choice please help.

  29. Very nice video but you don't have any 17 inch laptops

  30. Hiii
    Love your videos
    Can you tell me Hp pavilion 15 with Ryzen 5 3550H/8GB/1TB HDD + 256GB SSD/4GB NVIDIA GTX 1650 is good option?

  31. I need help! What's a laptop I can use to run guild wars 2 at the highest performance settings but can still use as a nice portable laptop..for school etc

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