EARPHONE PROBLEMS – Shalom and Sinead – Onyx Life

Shalom and Sinead are having earphone problems… who can relate?


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  1. Thanks for watching! What's your favorite song? Comment below!

  2. Sinead why did you prank your sister about the earphones

  3. Sinead how could you Betray your sister like that

  4. Pls give me a shout out because your amazing and true talented

  5. My fav song is sos

  6. My favorite is undo!
    And hey brother

  7. 3:28 me when I make an evil face and post it to my best friend

  8. The movies don’t want you know you want to go to do you know what I know I don’t want you know you want to get to know you know what I don’t know what I want to get to know you know I don’t know I want p ty today and get to you know what I ???‍♀️?

  9. I was already using head phones well waching this lol???

  10. Why cart get a new pair

  11. 2019 Where you at?

  12. 3:28 Shanead's face????❤

  13. At 0:17. The song is the night is young if anyone is wondering

  14. 0:16 looks like your earphones is Glitching

  15. 1:13 even I could untangle them

  16. I love you I love you and I

  17. My favorite song is sick boy

  18. I would accept if the other one dont work

  19. Hahahahaha your to funny?????

  20. When sinead opens the drawer it sounds the sheep noise

  21. Dude 3 days to untangle ear puds that mUst be tUff

  22. Girl get yourself some ear pods

  23. EarPhone Problems

  24. ?????☺️???????

  25. earphones thats intreating??

  26. Hi onyx kids i love your videos and alex me and my brother zackyougblood hey guys i have a new ? she is os cute

  27. My favorite song is a whole new world ?

  28. I use to watch onyx kids about a year ago when I used to have an Iphone now I have an android and I still watch it

  29. There called earphones

  30. Get up by shine down

  31. I was thinking about you today but I’m sure you’ll find something better and more often then go back

  32. Fav song is 2002 by anne marie

  33. !my favorite song is old town road

  34. I can untangle them faster than you.

  35. Shalom's face? 3:28 oh sry I meant Sinead?

  36. I have that same belle picture

  37. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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