iMovie for iPad or iPhone is a very capable app, but many have asked for me to show editing from start to finish. I edit a video completely from start to finish in this video using iMovie on the iPad Air 2. The video is very long as shows you what it takes to make a simple movie or video.

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  1. Every time I try to export the movie it says upload to YouTube and then it says failed to upload to YouTube ?

  2. When you speed up you also speed up the sound. Is there a way around that?

  3. Two in one video ? I was looking for an easy way to male videos and I found that one. Pretty that it’s you! Thanks!

  4. This better work ima starter yter

  5. the first video in all the yt that actually helped me!!! im so grateful !!!!

  6. Why didn’t my tech teacher taught me this yet ?

  7. How come I don't have those editing features on my imovie

  8. Cool wanted to know

  9. I used almost all of my videos with iMovie, but I wanna up the ante with some pics photoshopped into the video. Is that possible?

  10. Keep up the good work I’m really interested

  11. Good thing I have apple

  12. After editing the video a side. Black bar use to comeout which we dnt see in the video befre editing. Pls clear me

  13. Helpful but very long. I would have been great to see each edit function in detail.

  14. When u realized the vid is 20+ mins and half of it is just playing a video.

  15. Pan in 50% can’t see and a little slower

  16. Does all iPads come with iMovie ?

  17. Now I have a better understanding, we are in groups for my drama class and ewe are supposed to use I movie but I had no idea how now I have better understanding

  18. Thank you for your help . I was wondering how can I Fade Out the the the word I want to use on my video cuz I don't want it to stay there during the whole video ?

  19. Why did you say a bad word don’t say the f word

  20. this is traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashy

  21. Thanks so much! Now I can edit my videos before I upload them to YouTube!

  22. Do every ipad come with imovie??

  23. This video help me a lot

  24. This helped me so much ?!!!

  25. Can you make this less complicated?

  26. This is such a great video thx!

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