From a new version of the Apple Watch to the jet black iPhone 7, here’s everything the tech giant announced at its latest event.

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  1. wow no audiojack and $160 for earbuds. get ready guys The next innovation will be..iphone 8 plus & iphone 8 cannot be charged with the electricity at ur home. U need to buy apple i-current generator. And for iphone 9..u cannot use ur own wifi. U need to buy apple i-wifi via itunes

  2. Just buy Android and an actual camera if you want proper photos.

  3. Im going to wait for the Iphone 8. It comes without a screen.

  4. "Removing the headphone jack really comes down to one word, greed."
    Now you'll have to exclusively buy only OUR headphones. MWAHAHAHA
    For a second I was tempted by the camera. But nah. Happy with my S7 edge. Who cares about Mario. We've had emulators for ages now.

  5. channel advertisement here

  6. since the apple remove the headphone jack we cant listen the music and charge in the same time…. what a stupid move

  7. iPhone 7s removing the home button

  8. Didn't Miyamoto die?

  9. Get the dragonballs and revive Steve jobs already

  10. Do every single gameboy and ds systems vs liquid nitrogen

  11. to expensive….

  12. I pity all the people who are going to shove themselves into this apple "box" and convince themselves that they are happy with it.

  13. I could care less about the headphone jack. I mean they include the lightning headphone thing. I don't even listen to music like that anymore.

  14. Ok I like apple but this is stupid about the headphone jack, they should have made 2 versions, 1 being this model, and the other being cheaper, having the headphone jack and not waterproof.
    Or at least have the headphones with the phone

  15. same shit, different year

  16. kinda boring really

  17. that's so fucking retarded how can I use my headphones while my phone is charging without buying their stupid fucking wireless ones

  18. Here come all the Apple haters…

  19. (It's not as good as you thought it was)

  20. And yet again, its nothing new. But the people looking to use Apple as a fashion item, to show others they have the apple logo basically will be all into this. Aka the 'isheeple' will continue to buy into the nothingness upgrades simply because its the 'newest' one apple has come up with. Still subpar compared to others in the same price range, no matter if its a watch, a phone, or a laptop, apple is and always will be subpar for your buck paid

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