Apple has used the Lightning connector for seven years. It used to be on everything but now it’s only found on two types of devices. iPhones like the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, and lower-end iPads like the iPad Air. The lightning cable Apple includes with the iPhone XS doesn’t support fast charging and transfers data at USB 2.0 speeds.

In order to get fast charging you need to buy the 30w USB-C power adapter. Apple uses USB-C on the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro. Switching the iPhone to USB-C…

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  1. Aight Imma buy ten lightning cables and weld them to one cable

  2. Maybe it’s time to Say good bye to apple products

  3. I stopped using my lighting connector when the iPhone X came out. All I’ve used is wireless charging since.

  4. Okay but I’m not sure if I like usb-c more then lightning, it’s more convenient and slick, so I guess I’d prefer updated lightning with backwards compatibility

  5. The way I see it, they're just keeping lighting on the phones because people bring their charging cables with them a lot and sometimes they get damaged where they store them so they'll have to keep buying more. While on the other hand, iPads and Macbooks normally are kept at home so the wire is less likely to be broken so less likely need to buy more. Not to mention the third party licensing. It's just an annoyingly greedy way to make money.

  6. How about just stop buying apple. The Company is trash and just sells dongles because people keep buying them

  7. One thing that’s true it charges your phone, people will get sick of everything sooner or later

  8. Oh you mean the "I'm a soyboy who can waste money on treash" charger

  9. So you’re calling the iPad mini 5, and iPad Air 3 “lower end” sorry I’m going off but if they are “lower end” then the iPhone XS is lower end.

  10. I'm running on a 2009 iMac and an iPhone 6s. Once one of those finally craps out I'm ditching both and going back to PC.

  11. hopes the new iPhone usb C then problem is done

  12. Oh makes sense it's for money

  13. sigh…When will Apple users finally realize they're being scammed?

  14. “while also frustrating users who have already bought various lightning dongles and cables” NOT TRUE GET RID OF THAT SHT #USBCFTW

  15. Spoiler alert: It won't

  16. It’s funny that they really think we should change it but when they finally do change it there’s going to be an uproar like with the iPhone 4s and the 5

  17. apple lightning cable: the technology equivalent of the nissan 370z.

  18. me from the future, rumors were false, they arent using USB C cables for iphone 11s

  19. They break in like a month

  20. I'm just waiting for Applento sell the phone and the box separately

  21. Who really still pays high price for phone's anymore? Can buy a £100 phone that does exactly what a 1k phone does

  22. I got an off brand cable and after a few weeks or so it said “this accessory is not supported” and stopped working

  23. i am not changing 🙂

  24. iphone 12 will have USB – C alongside the ipad pro 2020, i call it

  25. Another reason not to buy apple: their charging port is ?

  26. Wireless charging has left the chat.

  27. actualy, usb-c connector seem to be fragile compared to lightning or most prévious usb connector. It's obvious things gonna end up very bad for some users.
    For the cord, it's only and definitively an apple design flaw (on purpoose ?). This probleme was already here for the prévious apple connector. if they make usb-c cords with the same désign, it gonne happend too.

  28. “iPhone should use usb-c”
    Next video “everything wrong with usb-c”

  29. My roomba ate my charger

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