Evolution of Laptops (Portable Computers) 1975 – 2020 #laptops #history #evolution #firstlaptop #computerhistory

The IBM 5100 was the first portable computer. . Here its shown powered on, and attached to an external monitor. Although weighing 55 pounds, it was much lighter and portable than previous computers.

The Xerox Note Taker was a bit more portable, and its keyboard folded out to reveal its screen. It employed what was then highly advanced technology, including 256 kB of RAM, and a 5…

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  1. If you want dual screens but also need a keyboard, here's an option on Amazon from Asus: https://amzn.to/35IJ8UE

  2. recently got a new laptop Acer chromebook 15'' last month $169 at walmart

  3. Olivetti dead as China today; under a coronavirus (made in USA)!

  4. "use of solid state memory" – was memory before that, i dunno, mechanical?

  5. 好多东西件都没有见过,开眼了

  6. Any computer is a laptop of you lay it on your lap.

  7. Evolution of laptops should be made reversed
    From the newest backward all theway to the 80s and 70s..
    Thisway it would be more interesting..
    Who wants to watch laptops after 2000

  8. Thank you. You are not boring like others. Cheers! ?

  9. lot of gold in them…i work at a land fill and we receive these old things from abandon warehouses..i tare them apart and keep all the meme chips

  10. Ibm500 keyboard is better than my keyboard

  11. 2040 : Floating Holographic screens like in the iron man

  12. The Yogabook is obviously a 3DS without buttons or 3D

  13. The first one kinda looks like the computers in my tech class!!

  14. In 3772746282837371 there will be computers with no body just a screen floating and you say what letter for the keyboard

  15. I had a Sony Vaio laptop in 2002 that was pretty advanced and not much different to today's laptop pcs. Ordinary review or these computers you missed the entire late 90s/ early 2000s

  16. make some evolution of hard disk. from big like steel cabinet to a present like a size of ram.

  17. 1:22 Q W E R T Z

  18. Still love my alienware 17 gaming laptop from 2013 – looks & weighs like it should be made in the 90s – I still use it to tether my camera to give my home studio that retro vibe with its customisable neon colours and chunky design ?

  19. Just waiting for the laptop that can be repurposed as an AC-130 gunship.

  20. Mi

    Cell es una mini laptop en modo de tablet Android PUES es lo mismo ke iwual viaxo A los confines de la información PERO lo último en tecnoloxia laptop ES xenial

    Excelente desglose de información escrita de modelos en laptops

  21. What happened to IBM Thinkpad?

  22. Why do you need music ? Just listen to the commentary.

  23. Macbook 16 would have worth of 50k dollars in 1980s

  24. NECUltraLite now wouldn't even worth 50 bucks

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