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Hair in this video:

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  1. You should check out the Goldenerre website. I got the classic link band with the classic link bracelet in rose gold and it looks extremely classy on the Series 5 gold aluminum. Extremely well made. Not cheap but so worth it. More beautiful in person.

  2. Hey do you have the aluminum gold or the stainless steel gold watch? Also can you provide the link to to clear cover you have over your watch? Great review by the way!!

  3. You’re so pretty ? The watch bands were sooooo pretty, I’m getting a Series 3 soon and I am so excited.

  4. You are gorgeous!!

  5. Thank you, best review ever. I will be buying most of these, so pretty. Question though, after wearing them do you still recommend? I see a comment of someone saying the clasp somehow have to be adjusted all the time? Thank you.

  6. Bands are really pretty. What size watch do you have?

  7. Ok cause her teeth are perfect…

  8. where's the leather band link??

  9. 4 one broke on the first week & constantly had to be tightened- do not recommend

  10. do you have the link for the leather band??

  11. What kind of case did you put on your watch ? Was it from amazon as well ?

  12. I definitely have a collection but I’m buying some more that look like urs

  13. I love ya Watch bands. I just subscribe

  14. I'm as gay as a rainbow, but you are gorgeous!

  15. Your Makeup is Fabulous. What products do you use

  16. How many bands do you have in your Apple Watch Bands collection. I have a Apple Watch series 3 in 38mm in Silver with Gps and Cellular. I have a lot of bands for my Apple Watch

  17. These are super classy I love these! Mine is the cheap pink classic color. I’m going to order some of these because my watch never match when I dress up and I hate that so I always have to take it off for events. You always recommend the best items! Love your nails sis ??

  18. They're all very pretty however I no longer have my Apple watch we'll have to get me a new one and try these out thank you for sharing

  19. Your hair is beautiful. Also love the lipstick. Please share info about the hair and lipstick

  20. I like em, I think they are very pretty!

  21. I will definitely be buying some of these bands for my Apple Watch!

  22. Love the watch bands, however that with sis is it!!! Can u pls provide link to hair also!!!! TFS

  23. Thank goodness for this haul!!!

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