Dan and I are on a mission to find the best laptop for video editing. Our current Macbook Pro’s are long in the tooth and we want to switch to Windows.

Shot on Sony a7s ii’s:

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  1. What laptop do you think is best for video editing? Are we looking over any options? Help us!

  2. Wasted my time fuckers

  3. Grueling. I couldn't hang to find out which was the best. I even skipped to 28:37 and they still drone on without getting to the point.

  4. Wwwow a video was made on editing laptops and they have a machine on display with a below 80%sRGB accurate display well done guys…. that's sarcasm if the rest of the audience didnt pick up on it

  5. I honestly lost you through all of the talking you did

  6. What about 4k video editing laptops?

  7. Do gaming laptops make the best video editing laptops?

  8. So I guess the Acer Predator Helios 500 isn’t being considered…. although, imagine what you could accomplish with actual desktop components in a system masquerading as a “laptop”

  9. less words.. more to the point plz

  10. Freaking long winded.. dude on the left is hella nervous or just cant sell.. blablablah nothing to do with why we are here.. im tryin to buy a video editinf laptop.. review the laptop's performance when it comes to video editing.. we can read the specs no need for your blabs

  11. Useful to hear the 2015 MacBook Pro took 70 mins to render a 4K video. Razor blade 9 min ?

  12. good evening friends, I create a review of best laptop if you don't mind please see this my website it's me for pleasure, thanks


  13. Informative, but a little winded. The Title refers to video editing but you all were talking about gaming as well? It's important to stay on point. Also, you probably should put a disclaimer that your video editing software of choice is Premiere because Final Cut Pro on a Macbook Pro runs pretty well. Just my .02.

  14. Ottimo video! Passa dal mio canale se ti va! ?

  15. I hope these guys know that half the people watching don't understand most of the stuff they are saying. It just reassures they know what they are talking about.

  16. So the X1 Extreme won.

  17. **Note: Intel Graphics cards are not supported with Element 3D**

    **NVidia GPUs on Mac OSX Mojave are not supported due to graphics driver limitations.**


  18. What laptop do you think is best for After Effects animation?

  19. I have always preferred a 17" laptop for anything I do. I'm just really starting to get into video editing and still not sure which editing program I'm going to use I know I want something that will optimize whichever I choose to use.
    Davinchi was a possibility but is just way too much. I'm down to choosing either Premier or Vegas 17. Unfortunetly didn't learn a whole lot from this video except that you guys need to go workout 2 times a week at planet fitness if you can't even carry a backpack with a 17" laptop in it.

  20. Your now my back ground noise and you've lost a potential sub..

  21. The only problem with thinkpad, is their design. It's not very modern looking.

  22. Best editing laptop

  23. what I do when it comes to this kind of like full movie? I go direct to the comment section.

  24. So what is a decent laptop for 4K editing?

  25. you should lift weights

  26. There is no info descripton

  27. What do you think about this laptop (for AE, E3D, C4D)?
    ASUS ROG Strix G731GV (i7-9750H, 17.3 inch, 512 GB SSD, GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB)

  28. I tink you talk too much … blah blah blah… why did you made this video. Instead just talk it out between yourself.

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