Today marks 10 years for me & 9 years since the first iPad was announced by Steve Jobs. What a journey, 10 years of tech, constantly changing and evolving. Thank you for getting me here ❤️

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  1. 19somethink….inote:every one like me. 2010: inote:I’m dieting noooo. Steve Jobs: neither Apple has a new baby his name is iPad ….2017 iPad: goodbye cruel world. Steve jobs: a new baby from mother Apple his name is iPad Pro….2020 iPad Pro: i’m still popular. Steve jobs: another baby for mother Apple his name is iPad Pro 2. Back in 2010 Samsung:apple at least the iPad that’s it I will copy then every time they released a new iPad time to make one

  2. I just went to watch one of your older vids from 2009 and I came upon a PSP Video, even though your name is everythingapplepro.

  3. Who ever has a apple product
    Hit a like on this comment

  4. my mom when my sister was nine and i was 3 she bought this ipad for us and i just found it the other day but it is a bit cracked and we cant find the charger

  5. Without further ado… proceeds to talk some more about other Apple devices, thus furthering the ado.


  7. Little did he know one year later they’d have iPadOS and with a better camera iPad Pro

  8. My first iPad was an iPad Air 1 and I had that for 7 years before upgrading to my current iPad Air 3

  9. I have a jailbroken ipad 2 with iOS 11 I believe

  10. Congratulations, your dream of making your phone case came true! And I’m going to get to experience the new case

  11. You are just a inspiring person

  12. I have the first ipad that apple made and watching this vid with it.

  13. My b day is on the same day you started youtube

  14. People reacting to ipad 1 and saying:it’s just an oversized iPod touch!

    iPad Pro 2018: Trying to make fun of me? We’ll that’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  15. Yeah my ipad 2 is ios 9 but i have it for 8 years old

  16. The logo is very small but my ipad 2 too BIG

  17. I watch you i saw alot about you and you allways sadisfact me??
    (Edit) but most like drop test or fake vs Real i surcribed the first time wen i saw you i will give you a like

  18. I’m watching this on a gen 5

  19. Watching this on my ipad mini 2019

  20. I got the original iPad 2. I think it’s the one that came out after this one. It still works, I just can’t get into it because I forgot the passcode. I wanna boot it up and use it.

  21. ur youtube anniversary is my birthday !!

  22. the next day did the LTE ipad 1start up?

  23. I was born the year the iPad came out

  24. I found the go IPAD for only 50 dollars

  25. I still use the first pad

  26. Youre opening a tablet, not a crocodile

  27. Lmao i can find that ipad for £120

  28. i actually have an iPad in my room right now it's plugged in

  29. Wow looks like you’re sooo materialistic. What a shame

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