Keeping track of your childrens activity should be easy and fun! That is exactly what the FitBit Ace 2 offers. We speny the last few weeks testing out step tracking, active minutes, battery life, sleep tracking and more! This video will help you get setup in using the Ace 2 and everything else you need to know!

FitBit Ace 2:

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  1. Wheres the fit bit password

  2. I’m Getting A Fitbit On Friday

  3. I got it for my B-day, but my Fitbit refuses to send notifications, does anyone know how to fix it?

  4. she has the same one like mine the same color

  5. Did she get the hr

  6. I have the first ace for kids the 8+ one that looks like the alta

  7. Dad: your daughter is cute she's so adorable

  8. The watch is glitching

  9. Hi! A have a question how do you put it water mode on the fitbit? Our is already on?

  10. Best review of this product. They actually tell you how to use it. Thank you

  11. I’m 11 and I have an Apple Watch series 3

  12. Stop being mean to that 10 year old girl

  13. Your Ace 2 battery is low
    battery at 50% ??

  14. I have a Fitbit versa and I’m 10

  15. Have u heard of Vívofit? One year plus battery life swim proof stop tracker has timer u can set teeth brush timer has app track sleep so many fitures better that that Fitbit thingy

  16. Awesome video Brett!??? The special guest is awesome!

  17. What a fantastic review! Thanks so much!

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