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We got the new Fitbit Ace 2 Kids activity tracker for Cooper! In this video we Unbox and Setup the new Fitbit Ace 2.

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  1. Family account doesn't work for me. I don't get it 🙁

  2. He said do kids have smartphone what about tablets

  3. Im 10 and I’m 4 foot 2 he is 7 and4foot1

  4. I did this all wrong I’m 11 and I’m trying to doing it for my 8 yr old sister AND IM DOING IT ALL WRONG Because I’m doing it with my IPAD

  5. hi boo cool hi


  7. Thanks for the review its really helped me get an idea what it was like

  8. Does Ace 2 have the Relax feature?

  9. You can also buy many other colored wristbands from amazon i just got mine from 12.50€ for 10 wristbands

  10. Would it fit a ten year old girl

  11. Should I buy and unbox the Fitbit versa 2?

  12. He be like yes YES

  13. I am getting mines today

  14. Ieveryone!on eBay there’s one that’s a 3pAck!only 15 dolors!awsome my dad just ordere it I’ll come next wensday!i can’t wait!!!

  15. I got mine yesterday

  16. fitbit inspire + kids band = Fitbit Ace 2

  17. Mine just came yesterday I set yesterday

  18. Can you activate another Fitbit band you don’t use for your child? And have it on your own app?

  19. Hi Alex, question: does it have gps tracking like when their at school? So u can watch and see where they are?

  20. i got one yesterday

  21. I am 7 I have a phone

  22. I got the ace 2 but in the pinkish teal clasp color

  23. I got mine three days ago

  24. Liked and subscribed

  25. I just got mine from amazon??!

  26. Mine just came yesterday. setting it up now

  27. I have a Fitbit versa and it can fit kids so kids can get a versa as well but it is more expensive

  28. And Nice Video. Im getting One soon! Im excited!

  29. Just bought one for my son. Thanks for this video ?

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