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  1. I have had my alta since May 2017, the device itself has been great, no problem at all with battery, kept me motivated to move and try and get 10,000 steps every day.


    FRom May 2017 to now, i have had like 3 straps as they all broke, now i am upgrading to the fitbit charge 3 and hoping the strap has a more solid connection. I just use cellotape to keep my fitbit on my wrist, sometimes its still falls apart so it goes in my pocket.

  2. I came here because literally almost everyone in my school has one of these

  3. I want my fitbit to show me my step count. The footprint icon is first screen after the time and day, it shows a number like 9.1 K. I assume the K means Kilometers. I chose miles in the app settings. The app on my phone will show me my step count, why wont my fitbit? any advice is appreciated.

  4. What do you mean by 30 day memory?

  5. i'm so glad you revewed this! i LOVE your channel and am currently downsizing from my Garmin Vivofit gps watch that i trained for and ran my first marathon with, to something smaller for while i'm pregnant and recovering. your reviews are the BEST! they are always super informative and helpful. thanks!

  6. Can it tell the time

  7. I have got one for 9.99 and can you message and ring on it or not

  8. i got it and so far it is good

  9. Does it make any noise?

  10. Can you use this on Starva to track your run on the map?

  11. I have fitbit alta

  12. It’s $99 at Walmart :3

  13. No this does not track floors climbed. Wish it did!!

  14. Absolute garbage devices – save your money.
    The straps snap off them every 6 weeks, the charger broke after about 3 months (and I'm not heavy handed) The parts aren't cheap either.
    I've done 10k steps everday for the last 3 weeks – cos the battery died on the watch and basically reset – those 10k days haven't even registered on the app.
    the app is telling me that I've 0 steps for 3 weeks running even though I'm an active person. It's a nightmare to connect to Android devices.
    The worst £100 ever spent on a useless item.

  15. Can somebody help me,i got a fit bit alta and it was in a orange box and im really stuck to how to remove the bands to charge it

  16. I got a fitbit lost the charger, and it doesn’t even have a place to charge

  17. i prefer the alta tbh i dont need anything else

  18. I don’t like buttons because they break easily if you trip or something

  19. Can you use it without the app ?

  20. The bands are made out of plastic and because of how they connect the plastic connector gets cracks until the band falls off. The band might just fall off without you noticing. Every day use with coats and long sleeve shirts the band probably lasts about 6 to 8 months tops. They also ask about 40 to 60eur for replacement bands if you don't buy from ebay so I just superglued my bands onto the alta itself.

  21. Mine, it give you extra steps. For instance I Walked from my bedroom to the kitchen and register 200 steps incedible ?, so when I done with my running training or walking usually subtract 200 to 400 and thats all my steps, about the apps. I just ignore their steps results but keeping the others results making minor adjustments.

  22. Thank you so much for this review. I'm getting this for my mum for Christmas, I think she'll like it. I have a Flex 2 and it only shows how many steps I took in the app, I like that this one has a screen. 🙂

  23. This was garbage for me, it would not sync to any phones, does not have a dongle to use with computers. I could not set it up at all it just did not sync anything, maybe mine was broken but asked many friends and family to try get it to work. Just stayed on screen. I took it back, was asked did it want a replacement, but after reading that it does not track heart and fakes tracking sleep I decided to have my money back. Avoid this.

  24. U can use Alta HR band

  25. El reloj es muy bueno y práctico

  26. Lastima que no esta traducido al español

  27. Cant see it in sunlight

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