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  1. Vivoactive 3 is 140 dollars on amazon ?

  2. now the versa has flappy bird

  3. The fitbit blaze can easily be found for around $80 or less on ebay. So I would say it is cheap enough to get it over the other two. If someone is dumb enough to buy the blaze off amazon than of course the price would be too high to consider it. Amazon is coming directly from Fitbit and they are not going to drop their prices too low.

  4. Why you would text and do Instagram while making sport?

  5. I liked Fitbit Versa, but they don’t last long. It’s my pet peeve

  6. Fitbit naff, Gorman naff! Ok as watches but completely useless for anything else.

  7. Does the fitbit versa come with the ant

  8. Fitbit ionic is also a option with built in gps and Music storage sure the design is a bit of a anugular retro take but it works nice for steady state cardio and even not to bad for weight training

  9. I was gonna get an Apple Watch but I can’t stand that square shit so I got a Garmin vivoactive. The only complaint I have on it is I feel the battery doesn’t last long enough

  10. Hmmm I’m gonna agree with Jeff because I have a Fitbit blaze and a Garmin vivosmart but he forget to mention that the Fitbit app does not sync with Apple health like the Garmin.

  11. Fitbit Versa! Love these videos they helped a ton when deciding what watch to buy!

  12. which the best … u think

  13. Totally getting the Garmin.

  14. I like the Versa's Charger, it's easy to connect the watch, just pinch the charger and drop the Versa in it. Garmin is a pain, my Vivoactive HR+ is a pain to connect to the charger, you have to hook one side of the watch and then snap it in on the other side and I always put it in backwards the first time and have to flip it around. The Touch screen is messed up on the Vivoactive HR+ sp I got the Versa for X-mas, all around it's better than the Vivoactive HR+ but the Vivoactive HR+ is still a good watch but not much use with a bad touch screen and it costs 99 buck to fix or replace it(I assume Garmin just gives you another Refurbished one) and I can get another refurbished one for 50 bucks more. Like the Versa I also had connection problems with the Vivoactive HR+ to my watch more so than the Versa which the App will run slowly from time to time and like you said the watch is sometimes sluggish, but not so bad that it 's frustratingly unbearable.
    I do like how the Vivoactive HR+ has built in GPS including the Russian technologist GPS and will last 5 to 7 days on a a charge I got the Special Edition. I wish the Versa had the ability to chose on the watch more than one watch face lie the Vivoactive HR+, it's a pain having to use the App every time you want to change watch faces on the Versa, having to wait for it to download and then install on the watch. On the Vivoactive HR+ you install the watch faces on the watch and then can quickly switch between them without going through the Phone App..

  15. I owned three Fitbit products and all of them stopped working properly within a year so I got sick of taking them back and switched to Garmin. My forerunner 235 has lasted 3 years without any issues and is way more accurate than any of the Fitbit products I had. Fitbit would either over or under estimate my steps by a lot (I don’t mind a bit of error but they were really off sometimes ). Fitbit have probably improved a lot since then but I won’t go near them again. Interesting how personal experiences shape your opinion. Some people swear by Fitbit, but not me. I have bought Garmin as presents for family and they love them too.

  16. These videos are so useful , I was considering getting the Fitbit versa and now you have really told me some good things about it ?

  17. Bought a brand new versa device only on eBay $80 then a band and charger separate. New versa total = $95 USD

  18. Why doesn’t he do giveaways

  19. Which of these has the highest screen contrast / larger font – found vivoactive he 2 hard to read without reading glasses unless in bright conditions

  20. I think versa bc if I go on a run I’m bringing my phone just in case of emergency and the music storage is good for working out in the gym where gps is not needed.

  21. Versa got my vote

  22. Fitbit because you can actually buy it without going bankrupt

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