There are more Fitbits on the market than ever, so it’s hard to know which to buy. We break down the range so you can find the best fitness tracker for you.
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  1. I was on vacation last week when my Ironic, wouldn't sync up to the Fitbit app.

    I did a restart of my phone and ironic, it still wouldn't synch. A firmware upgrade was available so I launched it, it started downloading, then failed and never came back to life! Contacted support, they confirmed it was bricked!

    Instead of an honest response "of we don't know how to write code that will revert to previous firmware if an update fails" I was offered a 20% discount for a replacement!

    I made a promise to FitBit Support that I would advertise their product failures to the world and save innocent people from buying the biggest piece of smartwatch garbage. I've owned a Charge HR (worked except for wristband failures) , two Ironics, I should also mention I bought my partner a Charge 3 (special edition), the "special" was that it only synched the first day, had to be replaced. That's Special. So I went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy watch.

    Hate someone and have money to throw away, buy them a FitBit!

    Do Your research and read their forums, nothing but "community guidelines" infractions if You share Your experience. Suppress the truth, You will see this original post from the FitBit forum copied and pasted on Youtube sites promoting FitBit. Have a Nice Day.

  2. and not one price mentioned, top job..


  4. There is a Fitbit with a cell battery

  5. The fuck is the point of this video if you're not going to NAME the models. How absolutely useless. Also gave barely any info out at all. Pure clickbait.

  6. Because it did for me

  7. I have a Fitbit and did he say to run out of battery it took like a whole week

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  11. If u have problems with any fitbit devices, beyond your own troubleshooting based on some onlibe tips and chat with Fitbit support… Fyi, Fitbit does not have any service or repair centres anywhere in the world. Once damaged, out of warranty… Just throw it away. Dont believe me? Contact fitbit support via chat and verify yourself.

  12. Did I hear Sweet n Sour? Yummy ?



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  17. Guide to buying a fitbit – don't buy a fitbit, they never sync properly when you want. Making them frustrating and annoying.

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  22. I think that it is a good buying guide

  23. Top 5 best fitbit for men

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