Fitbit Charge 2 Review vs Apple Watch. This is my review and comparison of the fitbit charge 2 and the apple watch. I show you guys how I unbox my fitbit charge 2 and then I breakdown how it compares to the apple watch. I also provide recommendations on which one I believe is the best. Specifically, how the apps associated with these watches make or break the product.

The fitbit charge 2 and apple watch are activity and sleep trackers with all-day heart rate monitoring. They also has a few…

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  1. Apple Watch series 4 is better

  2. Just a heads up for anyone who wants a charge 2, you tap on the top of the band just where the screen meets it, and not actually on the screen. That’s why it didn’t fully work when she tapped the screen x

  3. I had a charge HR loved it, it's strap had issues so fitbit are sending me free of charge the charge 2, kind of them but! I ain't sure if I like the charge 2purely as it has a big display, more prone to damage and to me it looks too blingy…. Really not sure what to do when it arrives, sell it or keep it? Would have a charge HR tomorrow though.

  4. Is that how your supposed to wear it ?

  5. Does it fit if you have a small wrist?

  6. I have a fitbit charge 2 rose gold

  7. i have a fitbit flex 2, thinking of getting a fitbit charge 2 or fitbit charge HR or apple watch

    which 1 do u recommend

  8. I have an Apple Watch, but great review!

  9. Where you said it wasn’t working when you were tapping it if you tilt the Fitbit it’s not a full screen

  10. The Fitbit can be duped by certain movements even if you haven’t moved! I️ check groceries in a grocery store and I️ can get at least 1,000 steps without moving my feet from just arm movements

  11. How can you even compare them??? They are not even in the same category…

  12. There is a button for a reason

  13. Do I need internet on my phone at all times to use the Fitbit app

  14. I current have the old Fitbit hr I've had it for about 2 years. I wear it every day for time, steps, alarms, heart rate. I'm deciding which new one to buy as a replacement

  15. You need to tap on it in the right area.
    If you tap the wrong area, and it doesn't work, that isn't a fault lol

  16. Heyy thanks very helpful.

    Please I only have one question so I just got my Fitbit charge 2 as well but I am getting so upset because it would count more step than I did.

    Example while I sleep it counted me 9 steps. (Which is impossible )

    While I type the computer counted like 100 steps.

    Help :/ is it my Fitbit broke or is that normal ?

  17. I am not sure if someone has already said this yet, but the Fitbit App and the MyFitnessPal App can sync up together. ? If you are already using both separately this is a great feature because the Fitbit will send MyFitnessPal your steps and MyFitnessPal will calculate your calories burned into the calories you need for that day. It is not all completely seamless, and it does have some sync issues occasionally. ??‍♀️ All in all I thought you might like to know if you didn't already. ☺️??

  18. love your fatigue lululemon crops! i have been looking everywhere for these!!

  19. if you beat all of your goals (sleep, activity, move reminders) you can play flappy bird on the fitbit charge 2

  20. you should do more research before you review products for others. super unhelpful

  21. You work out at balance lol it's nice to see something familiar

  22. do you have to tap the 'start sleep now' option in the app or do you just go to bed without doing anything in the app?

  23. I'm saving up for one and I can buy it when it goes on sale witch is next month

  24. You're tapping in the wrong place…

  25. I am not by any means trying to be rude but if you're going to review stuff like this, plz know the names. It really bothers us OCD people.

  26. you don't tap the screen you tap 1inch above the screen durrrrrrrrr

  27. My fitness pal syncs with your FitBit app

  28. That was a great review, really helpful. Just a thought but have you tried linking myfitnesspal to the Fitbit app? Think that should import everything over so you don't have to enter it to the Fitbit app

  29. It works a lot better for me if you tap the band above the screen instead of the actual screen. Plus you don't get the screen all dirty. :3

  30. Great honest review, I appreciate authentic reviewers

  31. For both my Charge 2 and my Alta, I've found that instead of tapping the screen, it works better if you tap the band right above the screen.

  32. Do you put it in workout mode so you can see what you've burned in the last hour for example as a pose to the whole day as an overall summary ?

  33. does it play music?

  34. does this still track yours steps even if you don't have your iPhone with you?great video

  35. I'm getting to charge 2 tomorrow and I'm get the black that you have

  36. Thanks for reviewing the app. Seems like that makes all the difference with it's competition.

  37. Thanks for this video! I love mine! It reminds me to leave the PC through out the day!

  38. In order for the app to work with the Fitbit, do you have to keep your Bluetooth on at all times? :/

  39. The audio is all over the place like the video? Smdh

  40. cool video .. do you wear it to sleep? I don't and I'm wondering if that effects my overall BPM results?

  41. I have a question… I have been wearing mine and even when I am just sitting and driving I notice my Fitbit will say I did steps but I'm not… so is there a way to make it more accurate? Because I feel with my OCD it's driving me insane! Lol sorry just wonder if you noticed that and if you did can you help me with mine? thanks great video!

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