– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin VivoSmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin VivoSmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin Vivosmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2 Review
– Garmin Vivosmart HR…

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  1. Garmin is really great for me been using for more than 2 yrs only a band came off then i just glued it back & until now still keep going & running no problem!

  2. I got my hr plus, and about 1.5 years in, I have gove thru about 3 to 4 bands…but they aren't that hard to change.

  3. The big differençe is that you can replace the battery on Garmin and not on Fibit, just throw away your 129$ in the bin

  4. What a scam/joke Fitbit is….designed so out-of-shape and FAT people can think they are doing something good for their bodies by doing nothing other than the what is needed to say alive.  Counting steps to the fridge or McDonalds.  Sorry zombies  you have to actually do something intense, focused and concentrated to improve cardio vascular health, build muscles and BURN FAT,   Wonder how many steps it is from your couch to the bathroom and back. Do it two to increase the number of steps your Shitbit counts.

  5. Well I have some bad news.  For the
    first few days my GARMIN VIVOSMART HR+ heart rate monitor was accurate.  Now it
    only senses my heart rate about half the time. I have tried different positions
    and different tightnesses to no avail. Plus the heart rate shown on the watch
    is different from the heart rate that it sends to my iphone.  I guess
    I will wait for another couple generations of product to see if they succeed in
    making one that is reliable.

  6. I have had both watches and both are good. I ended up getting a Garmin Vivosport because the strap had failed twice on the Fitbit twice and the watch had been lost twice because of the failure – it was always found. The Garmin has been well used and wears well. I wore both in the showers with no issues. Both have benefits and both deserve credits for their differences. I ride motorcycles and the Fitbit will give you excessive step readings because of the bikes movement. The Garmin so far has not been affected by the bikes movement. More extended travel coming this summer to find how extended travel may affect the watch. Both. Good but replacing the watch ban on the Fitbit is a bit pricy.

  7. Had the Garmin VivoSmartHR for two years I loved it for a first smart watch. Heart rate, notifications, steps, activities, alarms, music control, weather. I thought it wasn't waterproof until now…. haha great. The band just broke after nearly two yers of daily use. I easily super glued it back together but it still broke at another location shortly after.

  8. hows the visibility at night or in dark room ??? please comment

  9. I prefer the Fitbit charge 2

  10. i love the fitbit charge 2

  11. That's not true with the Fitbit charge 2. I took a shower with it and it worked perfectly fine

  12. Yeah I have a Fitbit charge 2 and I love it to death

  13. My Garmin watched broke apart after 3 months

  14. Nice video! Can you pared the vivosmart with external heart rate monitor?

  15. Love my Garmin vivosmart HR. But after 2 years the band has come off on one side.

  16. Have the Charge 2 screen defects been fixed? Heard a lot of people complain on forums about cracked screens..

  17. I just got my Fitbit and I can’t even get my Fitbit up and loaded, all I get is fit bit.com/setup and it doesn’t do me any good, I don’t know know what to do now, any suggestions?

  18. I just got my Fitbit and I can’t even get my Fitbit up and loaded, all I get is fit bit.com/setup and it doesn’t do me any good, I don’t know know what to do now, any suggestions?

  19. I have prefer the Fitbit Charge 2

  20. Fitbit Displaygate

  21. I got the garmin because it was cheaper were I was

  22. garmin better for the price

  23. I choose Fitbit charge 2

  24. I got an add for a Fitbit versa before the vid lmao

  25. Easy….I don’t swim. I’ll take the Fitbit ???

  26. 0n the whole, Fitness Tracker watch are proving a true way of managing your daily workout to give you a healthy life. https://www.seniorremotepc.com/helping-seniors/fitness-tracker-watch-for-seniors

  27. The garmin is ugly

  28. Garmin is better

  29. My son bought me a fitbit for my birthday and it works for me I love all that it does.

  30. My Fitbit Charge 2 says that I masterbated for 8 miles, yesterday!

  31. Garmin looks like trash.

  32. Fitbit works on Windows so… As much as I like the Garmin, I have no choice in the manner.

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