It’s been two years since the company last updated its Charge tracker, and from my experience with an early unit, it may have been worth the wait. The Charge 3 is the first Fitbit tracker (not smartwatch) to get a true touchscreen.

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  1. I lost my Fitbit chart 3 watch at my travel to Taiwan last week. I am really mad with this watch. I really hate who ever design this watch band. Who ever designed this band which is a moron because it’s too easy to fall off from the connecting to the watch body. Only the first week after I bought it. It fell on the ground three times. Why don’t you design it like a real watch? If you have a very expensive name brand watch. You would never let you watch band that easily to lose or disconnectedbecause if that watch fall or lost, it may over 10k us $. Why I spending 345 cad dollars for worry about I am going to lose my watch on the ground all the time?
    I had a Casio sport 50 meters water resistance watch before, that I pay for 25$. I used it for 11 years, I never change battery and the watch band never disconnect with the watch body itself.
    This is my second Fitbit watch, and I will never buy it again because this watch design is not met my need.
    I need a heart rate sport watch, with GPS, step counting and all that cool things for sport, 50 meters water resistant. So I can use it when I scope diving or swim in the ocean. Most important things is never fall or disconnecting from the watch body itself. I am going to give you no stars and a thumbs down ?

  2. does it have fast forward feature?? can you fast forward music?

  3. It's honestly pretty bad. My wife has one. It has a screen timeout of 3 seconds that you CANNOT ADJUST despite it stating that you can in the manual. Fitbit's fix? Remove it from the manual. Loads of complaints on their forum but they don't care. A company like that doesn't deserve your money. Steer clear.

  4. You sound a bit like Mila Kunis sometimes

  5. Why the different heart rate when wearing both devices. What one is correct?

  6. Does it check bp

  7. Pls give me a watch

  8. Ask how to charge this fit bit it never showed up. It also took 16 days after I order it to come in. Not to happy right now.

  9. برزطتنا أزب

  10. Charge three, In short it’s a complete piece of shit I’ve owned mine for three months and it constantly has to be re-synced with my phone device or completely reset and cleared so that it will sync with my phone. I’ve wasted hours screwing around with my charge three so that will finally work consistently. It doesn’t.

  11. We still call tech gadgets "investment"? They change so quickly and lose value immediately. I like the new swipe technology and new designs though

  12. Has anyone tried this with boxing workout?

  13. Buy a Mi band 3…saves you alot of money and does the same things and more .

  14. What about the Date which the charge 2 displays ???

  15. Your Mom goes to college.

  16. day 1 of fitbit charge 3. while making dinner and relaxing at home, driving mode went on 5 or 6 times. a quick forum search also shows while driving it logs hundreds of steps ? surely to god this aint tha case

  17. How come at 2:00 the heart rate is different between the Charge 2 and 3?

  18. If u have problems with any fitbit devices, beyond your own troubleshooting based on some onlibe tips and chat with Fitbit support… Fyi, Fitbit does not have any service or repair centres anywhere in the world. Once damaged, out of warranty… Just throw it away. Dont believe me? Contact fitbit support via chat and verify yourself.

  19. I got the purple one for my birthday

  20. Does anyone know the music used in the very beginning of this video?

  21. I love my Fitbit charge 3.Really recommend it?

  22. Really, there wasn't a quiet park you could have recorded in?

  23. Rumour on the street is, FitBit are in financial trouble. I ain't buying yet another piece of absolite tech in 6 months, got a kitchen drawer full of it already…

  24. In 2018 I've gone back and forth between the Charge 2 and the Samsung Gear Sport. Overall, I realized I don't need a smartwatch and the simplicity of the Charge 2 much better suits my needs. Is a Charge 3 going to be worth the upgrade or should I hold onto my Charge 2? I understand it's more advanced and aesthetically pleasing, but after watching a few reviews I still can't decide.

  25. They forgot about the charge 2. I checked the website, and I couldn’t see there

  26. That background noise makes it a little more harder to hear and very annoying.

  27. And where can you get the blue/purple band at the 3:15 mark in the video?

  28. Can someone tell me how to silence the alarm when it goes off?…..without snoozing it

  29. Thank god for this review! I almost bought a “mom” watch I’m going to Apple and get a 500 watch to b certain I don’t look like a guy who identifies as a “mom”

  30. isn't that much too thick to sleep with? what is going on with you?

  31. I hope I get this for Christmas ?…

  32. How do you turn it on????

  33. Fitbit versa does not have a built in GPS

  34. When is your full review coming out???

  35. Feedback – if you can't use the interface on a Charge 2, you probably have fat fingers.

  36. Fitbit versa needs a phone. It doesn’t have built in gps.

  37. I need help putting it on though do u have any method of doing that?

  38. Whats better? Polar A370 or Fitbit charge 3?

  39. Tbh everyone is making such a big deal out of gps and that doesn’t bother me at all looks good for me plus everyone compares it to the Versa but I don’t want something that big on my wrist

  40. Why are you doing this in a loud room hahah

  41. This was a really great review! Thank you!

  42. Have you checked out the Fitbit support site? Many complaints of inability to connect, wildly inaccurate heart monitor, wildly inaccurate sleep monitor, constant need to reboot system, failure to charge, sudden bricking of the device, stress cracking of screen. Very disappointing to call this an update to the 2. Seems like an early beta released very prematurely for the xmas selling season. Currently has 25% one-star reviews on Amazon, with lots of people returning them because of multiple failures.

  43. Do not spend more than $100 for that. Better off buying a used Charge 2 for $25 – $50

  44. Yo, what are you thinking with the reviewer and filming location? This is bad 🙁

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