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  1. Ok, so I honestly just came for the review of the device but damn, riz is like…hot af. I ended up ogling at him the the entire time and didn't catch anything about the review. had to rewatch (though im not complaining about that :'D).

  2. Just got the charge 3 and I love it. Looking forward to not charging so much like the charge 2.

  3. Look at the Moov tracker, it’s awesome, especially for swimming but works well in all activities!,

  4. I lost my Fitbit chart 3 watch at my travel to Taiwan last week. I am really mad with this watch. I really hate who ever design this watch band. Who ever designed this band which is a moron because it’s too easy to fall off from the connecting to the watch body. Only the first week after I bought it. It fell on the ground three times. Why don’t you design it like a real watch? If you have a very expensive name brand watch. You would never let you watch band that easily to lose or disconnectedbecause if that watch fall or lost, it may over 10k us $. Why I spending 345 cad dollars for worry about I am going to lose my watch on the ground all the time?
    I had a Casio sport 50 meters water resistance watch before, that I pay for 25$. I used it for 11 years, I never change battery and the watch band never disconnect with the watch body itself.
    This is my second Fitbit watch, and I will never buy it again because this watch design is not met my need.
    I need a heart rate sport watch, with GPS, step counting and all that cool things for sport, 50 meters water resistant. So I can use it when I scope diving or swim in the ocean. Most important things is never fall or disconnecting from the watch body itself. I am going to give you no stars and a thumbs down ?

  5. I like it ❤️❤️

  6. Does the stop watch feature still time out? Its one of My only complaints for the charge 2.

  7. My wife left Fitbit about 2 years ago because the band/display connectors would break rendering it useless. Now she is sick of apple watch and is looking at fb again. In your opinion are the band/display connectors more durable?

  8. Been looking for a deal and just ordered from QVC for $99.00 and free shipping. What I really wanted was a bit bigger face and water resistance compare with Charge 2. But I did not want a big face like the Versa. I also did some searching on google and it seems to be a bit more accurate than the charge 2. What I'm am really wondering about is the bands, how they will hold up … they look like they will pull at the hair on your wrist? I hate that. Another plus for the Charge 3 vs Charge 2 is that you have more selections on wrist bands on Amazon by 3rd party companies … so look there instead of Fitbit website. Does anybody know the difference … does it just come with extra bands … ?

  9. Thanks for helping me decide which one to get my mom for Christmas 1 st video I’ve seen of yours

  10. Hi I bought one and returned it as the tracking was so wrong. By the way The Fitbit developers for the Charge 3 had not seen the Charge 2! Was mentioned on the Fitbit Community blog site. The tracking tracks while you drive. I wanted to swim with them barge 3. It would of been my 4th Fitbit. I’m not interested in them anymore as they are moving towards a smart watch. So I’m looking for something else.

  11. I’m thinking of getting this Fitbit Charge 3 even though I have an Apple Watch. My reason is that I miss the sleep tracking when I used to have the Charge 2 [before I sold it].

  12. Is the calories accurate

  13. For running, does it do intervals and store the distance and time? If not, what fitness watch would you recommend for that, Cheers.

  14. Finally a real review. Thanks.

  15. you get in this on photo do some muscle testing and you see it shut down you body not good at you don't need one when it all on your phone

  16. Thumbs down and no subscribe because the video actually starts at 1:20.

  17. stop talking and begin!

  18. I just need this to look like a garmin fenix 6 pro.

  19. Can you do a review of the Amazfit Bip?

  20. This is a great video.

  21. I know the Vivofit 3 pairs with chest straps – do you have a list/videos of armbands that do pair with chest straps for HIIT sessions and Weight Training?

  22. I’m a bodybuilder and really need to know
    Calories burned
    Optimum fat burning heart rate
    Is this accurate

  23. This fitbit charge 3 can kinda control music guys!Just found a way.Head to the app and turn on the notification for spotify,then when you play a song,they will send a notification into your band and from there,you can play,pause,unlike,like,clear next track or previous track.But you can only do it once

  24. I have a charge2 just need a new strap. While it still works I wont upgrade. I noticed fitbit have Ace2 for kids. Is that worth it just for the price for kids

  25. This thing broke on me in 4 months! Never again.

  26. How glitchy is the sleep monitoring on this fitbit… I just bought it and it says of 6 rest/ sleep hours, non werein REM, light, deep… So it acknowledged my sleep time, but apparently I didn't get even five min of light sleep? Wondering if I could return or go see a doctor… lol I know you're not IT, but in your experience with fitbits in general, how reliable are the sleep sleep trackers?

  27. My pure unfiltered opinion …. Everyone should take a phone when they go on a run 😉 What if someone jumps you ? 0-:

  28. I really like your intro in the way you invite people to subscribe, simple, direct to the point and convincing. I subscribed

  29. Hi What is the weather app called that you have on your Fitbit charge three I looked it up and I can’t seem to find any weather apps

  30. You can also use the stopwatch feature and then continue to check others features on the Fitbit without turning off the stopwatch. The Fitbit 2 wouldn’t let you do that. You would have to get out of the stopwatch feature in order to continue to use the Fitbit. Also one of the watch faces will let you check steps, heart rate, calories and distance all on one without scrolling through it like you would have to do with the Fitbit 2.

  31. My biggest gripe, it stops syncing and for whatever dumb reason it picked up my morning and afternoon commute at 10 minutes of bike riding!!! LOL!! I like the fact it tracks my heart rate and the mapping part seems to work ok. I just think that with technology today there should be less stupid stuff like having to restart my blue tooth or re-installing the damn app.. Does it work, sure it tracks stuff. To me, it's a fancy watch and a talking point.. Although it does track my heart rate as going up a few points everytime I track stuff..

  32. Sadly. It still doesn't support music. Not even control music from smartphone.

  33. Fitbit charge 3 vs Galaxy fit ???

  34. Damn, still with that weird charging cable. On Charge 2 it's so finicky and stupid it drives me nuts. And this wristband is still deteriorating on me. Just like on Charge 1.

  35. What would you reccomend for weight lifting heart rate tracking/calories burned?

  36. I really really want the change 3 I have the fit bit flex 2 and it stop tracking my swimming and I'm looking for new device and I really want this one

  37. Need to choose between Fitbit charge 3 or garmin forerunner 235 for casual swimming measuring distance as accurately as possible… Advice please? Thanks!

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