Want a smartwatch that’s also a good fitness tracker? It better have good battery life. And the Charge 3 has got seven days of it. All of these devices have various strengths and weaknesses, and in this video I explore those of Fitbit’s latest after a week of wear.

See the Fitbit Charge 3 on Amazon:
My wife likes her Versa better:

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  1. A few comments about the Fitbit Charge 3.
    1. I thought I was lucky getting one in late September. But I then had to wait for a week before the Fitbit app could find it.
    2. I have had the device working for a few weeks now and have averaged 1 firmware update per week. This implies to me that the comment about it being released with beta software is on the money. Connections seem more stable now than earlier.
    3. Having used a Garmin device which reported VO2MAX only After exercise, I find that the Cardio Fitness score seems wildly optimistic to me, and thus is far less motivating for me to maintain and improve my fitness level. It must be impossible to evaluate VO2MAX from sleep measurements.
    4. I agree that the watch not having the date is very poor.
    5. After going to sleep before midnight, I woke about 1 AM one morning to see something like 52 steps recorded, without any having been taken. So I think that Fitbit need to improve their step detection algorithms.

    At age 65, and having been extremely unfit for quite a while, I was glad to use the Garmin device and to see progress measurements that agreed with how I felt as my fitness improved. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong size in the Garmin (small/medium) and my wife inherited it as it fits her.

  2. Btw the groove on the side is actually a button

  3. Amazefit bip man, 45 day battery life, Your Welcome lol

  4. "Smart" watches are useless

  5. Mine has the date. I've had it a year and it's had the date from the start.

  6. No date display! That's kinda a biggie for me.

  7. This is what a good honest review looks like.

  8. Thank you! Was just about ready to buy until I heard WATCH (TIME) was not always on and does not display the date as well. I'll keep looking. Any suggesions?

  9. Worked well for me aside from constant syncing issues then a few weeks out of warranty it started and taking on water like a sponge.

  10. I wish I had a Fitbit charge 3 ?????

  11. Just got mine yesterday. I was excited about the new features since it’s replacing my Charge 2. Today I noticed that when I lift my arm it’s not coming on. I’m having to tap it a couple of times to get the face to light up. I’m sending it back! This is sooooo damn irritating!

  12. Charge 3 or inspire hr???

  13. I lost my Fitbit chart 3 watch at my travel to Taiwan last week. I am really mad with this watch. I really hate who ever design this watch band. Who ever designed this band which is a moron because it’s too easy to fall off from the connecting to the watch body. Only the first week after I bought it. It fell on the ground three times. Why don’t you design it like a real watch? If you have a very expensive name brand watch. You would never let you watch band that easily to lose or disconnectedbecause if that watch fall or lost, it may over 10k us $. Why I spending 345 cad dollars for worry about I am going to lose my watch on the ground all the time?
    I had a Casio sport 50 meters water resistance watch before, that I pay for 25$. I used it for 11 years, I never change battery and the watch band never disconnect with the watch body itself.
    This is my second Fitbit watch, and I will never buy it again because this watch design is not met my need.
    I need a heart rate sport watch, with GPS, step counting and all that cool things for sport, 50 meters water resistant. So I can use it when I scope diving or swim in the ocean. Most important things is never fall or disconnecting from the watch body itself. I am going to give you no stars and a thumbs down ?

  14. ive had my charge 3 for about a year, i lifeguard and in the water very often, i charge every week for about an hour, i dont always update it i really just forget about it and whenever you want to see your stuff youll sync it through the app. i get my notifications. only take it off to charge. good device.

  15. Just bought mine a month ago, so far so good. Been pleased so far. I just wanted a good calorie/heartbeat tracker, not a smart watch. The iPhone and iPad is good for me, don’t need a smart watch

  16. Just get a versa or ionic

  17. 5/5 for fitness? NO GPS…that is important for outdoor fitness.

  18. does this have the fitbit flight game lol

  19. This is the first fitbit I've ever bought. I think I made the best choice without even knowing it because I just went buy how it looks and the features.lol

  20. It does say the date , I have the charge 3 and mines say the date and time at the same time

  21. Overall, I'm happy with my Fitbit 3, but I've found it count steps when you're arm is in motion but you're not actually moving your feet…such as sweeping a floor. I also noticed, when using a paint roller and moving my arm up and down, it counts flights of stairs. I hope they can address these inaccuracies.

  22. I’m thinking of getting the Charge 3. Mostly for the sleep tracking. I already own a Apple Watch Series 4 and I’ve tried two different 3rd party sleep tracking apps. However from my experience it drains the battery from 100% or 99% down to 40-30% one time even 25%.

  23. Except for the band breaking all the time I really like my Fitbit charge 2 better it was more reliable. I bought the Fitbit charge 3 and they are now sending me my fourth one so needless to say once I go pass warranty I will no longer deal with it fit as they are not a quality company. Good luck with it

  24. I was looking how to pair my charge 3

  25. The fitbit charge 3 counts extra steps ugh hate it

  26. He’s completely wrong, the groove on the left side is actually a button, but the reason it is a simple indent is so it can be waterproof. Also the date is there, if you tap the screen, it will cycle through heart rate, floors climbed and date

  27. stopped watching at 2:16 because of his annoying animated hands

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