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  1. I have the Apple Watch Series 4 but I am thinking of getting the Fitbit Charge 3 to wear when I sleep because I miss the sleep tracker feature when I had the Fitbit Charge 2. I’ve already tried 2 different 3rd party apps but in my experience it’s drained my Apple Watch battery down to about 40%-30% when I wake up. So I’ll just get a Fitbit for night time.

  2. Had the Apple Watch Series 3, sold it and got. Fitbit Charge 3. I like it but it definitely over calculates my steps and has a ton of latency regarding tracking heart rate while lifting. The Apple Watch did a much better job at it. Overall I do like the Charge 3 but given the price drop, I’m tempted on getting the Series 4. Hmmm.

  3. I have both Apple Watch and the Fitbit charge 3. The Fitbit charge 3 was giving to me when my Apple Watch screen cracked. So I have been using the Fitbit now for two weeks while my Apple Watch was away getting fixed. A few things different my Apple Watch say 7319 step and Fitbit charge 3 say 9209 steps huge difference in steps. Heart rate is the same on both watches. I have gone down stairs four times today Apple Watch tracked nothing’s for stairs and fit bit charge 3 says 4 floors right on track. The Fitbit charge 3 tracks all your km for day and Apple Watch only tracks your workout Kms . One down side the Apple Watch it wants me to do an outdoor walk once in awhile usually after updates to get Gps reading and new heart rate. Today it tracked only 3 minutes of my 27 minute workout so I had to stop the timer and change it to other workout. Will go for watch outside tomorrow. One other downside to Apple Watch it cost me $409.00 to fix the cracked screen. Apple store in Edmonton Alberta Canada didn’t tell me that the watch brakes easy. If I had to choose again I would go with the Fitbit charge 3. Anything I like about the Fitbit charge 3 is you have to do 250 steps to change the step feature every hour were the Apple Watch to change the stand ring you only have to move for a few more minute which wasn’t even close to 250 steps it was less than half the time. I would definitely buy a Fitbit charge 3 if my Apple Watch dies again or if I get mad enough and to just sell it. It’s very frustrating when your working out and it won’t track your workout out because of overcast day and gps won’t calibrate. I gave the Fitbit charge 3 to my husband as the Apple Watch won’t work with his Samsung phone. I would love to use both but it looks strange wearing two watches. One other thing I like about the Fitbit charge 3 its more comfortable to wear than the Apple Watch.

  4. I’m worried about some reviews I’ve seen on the Charge 3 and other Fitbit devices severely over counting steps. Is that an issue of the past or has Fitbit not yet fixed this issue. If not how accurate is the Apple Watch 4 in comparison?

  5. Isn't he wearing a Fitbit during this video? There's your winner.

  6. Software is key and detailed information for the health freak

  7. Jeff listens to U2?! Awesome

  8. Fitbit for fitness . apple lewatch entertainment

  9. Battery Life for Apple Watch is biggest Disappointment ..Thanks for the review anyway

  10. Battery Life for Apple Watch is biggest Disappointment

  11. Charge 3 vs series 3? I mean for $50 more why not

  12. Change 3 I think I would still pick because i dont dont apple phone

  13. I just ordered the Fitbit charge 3 for my mom because she is very active but I don't know anything about it. Will she be able to get notifications on it? Will she be able to listen music on it? I love the fact that she can link up with other friends and family and track their progress and vice versa. I think she's going to love it

  14. I prefer the fitbit because you don't need the apple watch because its does literally the same things that the phone do and the fitbit is the better choice

  15. New subscriber been watching your videos a lot lately. Watches and wireless ear buds mostly. Just bought a charge 3. Very first Fitbit. I don’t want to pay $500 for an Apple Watch so that’s why I went with the Fitbit. Look forward to more great videos.

  16. Please compare Fitbit charge 3 Vs Samsung gear fit 2 pro

  17. I owned the Fitbit charge 2, loved it. But then I bought the Apple Watch series 3, it comes in handy don’t get me wrong. I love having notifications and iMessage on my wrist. However, I do now miss Fitbit. Fitbit was just more enjoyable for me with the daily challenges and competing with friends, I really miss the sleep tracker and overall just gave you more motivation to get up and move. Yeah it’s up to your preference, but there’s no denying how great Fitbit is for a much lower price

  18. How do the two of them compare when it comes to gym/weight training? In another of your Charge 3 review, you mentioned the heart rate monitor isn’t as accurate. Is the Apple Watch 4 any better than the Charge 3?

  19. Thanks dude. I was leaning to Apple but I just like the Fitbit tracking and community. I realized the watch has stuff that I don't need other than GPS.

  20. Came back to this video to post a note. While the swimming ? is now a feature that will track to your overall goals here are my thoughts. Apple Watch provides you with way more detailed data of the swim. Ache lap times splits, style of stroke/and laps per.
    So I prefer the Apple Watch for swimming stand alone. The mobile app for weight loss and overall tracking Fitbit for the win and being able to have one device this is cool. Last note that if you like to switch things up using the Apple Watch with MyFitnessPal and the Fitbit mobile app will let you get your swim activity towards your tracking through Fitbit.
    Conclusion I’ll be rocking the Apple Watch in the pool Fitbit charge 3 on the treadmill and flex 2 during “boxing” ?

  21. Why you should buy a charge 3 over an apple watch and vice VERSA
    versa is a fitbit
    FITBIT VICE CONFIRMED!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?

  22. I like apple products. I use iPhone, MacBook and iPad. Nonetheless, I bought a Fitbit Charge 3 today since I just need the function of heart rate tracking.

  23. The step counting is absolutely awful though on the charge 3. At least on mine, and a fair amount of others. They are ignoring it too.

  24. Can I change my move goal daily? Something like on my active rest days hit 700 calories and training days 1,000 calories… or Is it recommended that it be weekly?

  25. Apple is better quality typically. I appreciate their services and Genius Bar. Fitbits break down ridiculously often. If you go to the community you can see complaints everywhere. I've done enough research to EX FitBit out of all my Google and shop searches. Having something that will last longer than a year sounds fine to me. 🙂 At least with Apple, you know what you're getting.

  26. Had the charge 2 for a year of weight loss it was awesome all in one app. (Minus I still used MyFitnessPal as it was better for food tracking) synced well to the Fitbit app though.
    Switched to Apple Watch and kept my calendar on the watch face amazing for a busy fluctuating schedule.
    Back to charge 3 and for weight loss coupled with a treadmill it’s amazing to keep on track.
    I can see how much weight I’m loosing and how much I’m eating and have a much easier time staying in those parameters.

  27. How about a video comparing a Toyota Tercel vs Mercedes S Class sedan.

  28. If I already have a Charge 3, should I still get an Apple Watch Series 4 or is it not worth the money?

  29. I have Fitbit charge 2 and I just love it. I charge it once a week

  30. Fitbit is the best because it is much cheaper, has a better battery life, has sleep tracking and continuous heart rate

  31. hey..just bought fit bit charge 3 …it is registering steps by itself..don't know how to fix this…while riding a bike or driving a car..steps count are increasing by doesn't seem million dollar company's product..don't buy…waste of money..

  32. I got the Apple Watch, it can do all the fitness tracking as well as being the best smartwatch on the market

  33. I have the series 3- it’s great but just not worth the money! So very expensive in that market for what u get

  34. I think apple watchis best

  35. Vid idea Chinese 10 dollar watch vs Apple watch 128 Wich had the better smart watch

  36. Can you make a video reviewing the new design of Apple watch series 4 optical heart rate monitor? I don't see any video of yours that highlighting this while desfit and Techy Agent are saying they are the best wrist optical heart rate in the market.

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