Here’s how to choose between two of the most popular Fitbits.

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  1. Which do you prefer, the Fitbit Versa or the Fitbit Charge 3? Let us know in comments below.

  2. Can both of them control the music player on the phone?

  3. there's a lot of issues about this product.. before buying this one… try to join their forum and read some of the posted issues that dated 2018 until now still exists. Fitbit doesn't have the plan to fix their product my recommendation DONT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS until issues are fixed.

  4. Does the Versa have the new CO2 sensor that the C3 has? EDIT: I meant SpO2 sensor

  5. I have the Fitbit versa 2!!!

  6. You can download Spotify on it

  7. I literally just got the charge 3 for Christmas

  8. Both are not support arabic characters in notifications 🙁

  9. Do a comparison of tracking swim laps! Does the charge 3 even track laps??

  10. But does the pedometer work on the Charge? Because it doesn't on the Versa 2. I mean………..what do you expect for $200???!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Avoid like the plague. The Fitbit September 2019 firmware update prevents text and phone notifications. FitBit is aware of the issue but keeps telling buyers to restart the device, uninstall the app, reinstall the app, unsync the device, sync the device. None of this fixes what is FitBit's issue!

  12. I think the Fitbit versa one and Fitbit charge three are very closely intertwined but if we’re talking Fitbit versa 2 which I’m gonna get definitely Fitbit versa 2 . I love Fitbit versa two and Amazon Alexa both of them and one is like the best of both worlds⌚️?⌚️?⌚️

  13. Can you respond to texts on the versa? I have an iPhone 7 on Verizon.

  14. Gorilla Glass?! I scratched my charge 3 with in a week of getting it! ?

  15. Thank you so much for this great review! I have watched multiple videos comparing the versa and charge 3. Yours definitely offers the most pertinent and complete comparison between both models. After watching it, I Have decided to go for the Versa.

  16. I have a fitbit charge 3 for a year and it is amazing so I vote fitbit charge 3!

  17. I have a Fitbit versa and I really like it but I got it because my brothers got new beds and I didn’t lol

  18. Excellent review as I wasn't sure which watch to buy. Going for the versa, thank you for the sensible review!

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