Charge 3 vs Vivosmart 4

It looks like the fitness tracker market is hotting up with Garmin revealing the Vivosmart 4 and Fitbit revealing the Charge 3. Both fitness trackers from Garmin and Fitbit offer some very impressive features for keeping track of your overall health right through to your fitness activities, so let’s see which is best between the Garmin Vivoasmart 4 vs the Fitbit Charge 3.

Design – 0:46
Fitness features – 2:06
Heart rate Tracking – 3:15
Sleep Tracking -…

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  1. I love vivosmart 4. ??

  2. Vivosmart will also "find your Phone"

  3. Fitbit broke 6 times over a year… Never again.


  5. That was a really interesting comparison. you make really good sesnible points in your reviews, thats why I keep coming back to them along with DC rainmaker. But what you said at the end is the best advice I have heard in any video I have watched and that is the very simply to choose a tracker mainly for the activity you will use it for.. I find as I look into these things, it is like falling into a big rabbit hole; each watch offers something a little different and you start believing, for the money, you 'need' that extra thing this watch offers and that is a slippery slope as you start looking at more watches.. thank you for bringing me back to my senses and great review 🙂

  6. Charge 3 band is pretty ugly IMO.

  7. I honestly prefer the vivo smart 4.

  8. Current software for the Vivosmart has Connected GPS enabled.

  9. Hi friend, I hope you are well!

    I have a situation, I want to give my father-in-law a Christmas gift and I am between the vivosmart4 garmin or the charge 3 fitbit, in fact he almost does not exercise but he is currently using the high fitbit (1) and I the fitbit charge 2 a which came out very good in all aspects, my screen broke and they did not validate the guarantee but they are worth it and I see very bad comments from the garmin which I find weird since garmin for me and for it is the best, Only use it for heart rate, time and steps.

    could you advise me, thanks !!!

  10. Bought the Fitbit charge HR 3 not even six months and had to get a replacement, six months with the replacement and it's starting to get stuck on screen and can't press side button or swipe off it, will be trying the change the clock face if possible, my Fitbit charge HR 2 worked perfectly and I still use it, only the watch band broke otherwise fine (found a replacement and happy), got the 3 for better waterproof, sleep and HR but never got either wet. I almost think it was pushed out just a bit early imo. Maybe a Garmin 4 next but I will research again. Thanks for the video Clear and Informative, Cheers.

  11. What would cause my Vivofit 4 not to reset at midnight please. Other than that I am more than pleased with it.

  12. Rep counting of fitbit is very terrible, very disappointed with this

  13. Great review mate. Thanks.

  14. Could you do a review of how each one of them interacts/syncs with myfitnesspal? 😀 I'd be curious about the exercise tracking and calorie syncing between the platforms. Great review of these two btw! Thank you!

  15. whats the best and most accurate fitness tracker for walking/calorie counting and burning.

  16. Great video. Trying to decide which one to get. My main needs is sleep and stress. dont care about gps and smart phone stuff….guess im going with garmin!

  17. heck yeah im browsing fitness channels and glad to see a road bike, ultegra bishes!

  18. I liked your presentation style in comparison to some other videos on the same topic. It is more structured and to the point

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  20. what size Vivosmart 4 are you wearing? S/M or L?

  21. I just want a watch with a good sp02 monitor. Anyone have any suggestions ?

  22. One of the Garmin exercises is “Sair Stepper” – is that supposed to be “Stair” Stepper? What’s a “Sair”?

  23. I like to watch my heart rate. I would like to know how long the screen stays active or if there is a way to change how long before the screen goes blank.

  24. did fitbit activate the spo2 sensor for charge 3?

  25. Hi there!

    I just uploaded a video about the Garmin Vivosmart 4 and most importantly the Connect App! Not sure if it's okay to advertise here, sorry if it's not! hehe.

    Cheers guys! Leave a comment if you stop by! <3

  26. Thanks for the info. PS some people don't want their devices to GPS track 🙂

  27. Thank you! This was very useful!

  28. I like Garmin (is not the only one and not in all its bands) that brings Firstbeat experience

  29. another difference between the 2 is that on the vivosmart you can turn Bluetooth off. For some people this is a important feature.

  30. Which tracker would you recommend for 100€ and 200€ max budget ?
    I also saw the honor band 4, but there is no way to export data…

  31. How did the spo2 monitors compare? And did both of them allow you to track that during sleep?

  32. I have both. I parked the Charge 3 due to frequent connectivity issues with my smart phone. Also they still don't use the O2 sensor. With Vivosmart 4 you give up screen and fancy aftermarket bands, but it does use the o2 sensor and for day to day use it has been much more reliable and relevant for my purposes.

  33. Talking of heartrate accuracy, after having read many customers reviews of different smart bands, I convinced myself that the wrist heart rate monitoring technology is inaccurate. If you want trustable instant rate insights, you have to buy a heart rate monitor which uses a chest band. And nowadays you can find very good products for few dozens of euros.

    Probably, wrist hearth rate monitoring is useful only for those functions which require mean value estimations, like calories burned, or sleep quality. But, evaluating accuracy and dependability of these data is really difficult to users. It becomes more a matter of trust.

  34. These are literally the two I was debating on getting. Thank you so much. Will I have any issues tracking my outdoor running if I am pushing a stroller (thereby NOT swinging my arms)?

  35. used to own the fitbit charge 3, and cannot make it syncs anymore after 26 days, and got refund.
    Bought the vivosmart4 later, it is not responsive as the fitbit charge 3, got an issue that after using it to count swimming, i cannot wake it up normally but need to put it into the charger; you will not meet this problem if you let it record your swimming automatically.

    p.s: it still records the swimming lap and total meter. ANW, it is very basic on swimming.

  36. I have been using Fitbit devices for the last 3+ years. Currently using Versa however I dont think the heart rate is consistent. I want to try a different tracker. Was thinking of Charge 3 but need to look at different company mainly for comparison. Will you recommend Vivosmart over Charge 3 for heart rate? Samsung also released a new $99 tracker which will be available in the next few months. Suggestions?

  37. I purchased my fit bit charge the last week in December 2018. February 24th 2019, it died. I placed it back on the charger for over 24 hrs and still nothing. It was a Christmas gift to myself and I am extremely disappointed with this device. What a waste of money!

  38. I don't like your shirt

  39. just got the vivosmart 4 but might exchange for the charge 3. i run and swim for most workouts, which would u recommend? and why does the vivosmart record my distance but then has no gps?

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