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  1. I just don't have the fine motor skills or the patience to perform the 'toilet paper' clasp on the bands for the Versa, Blaze, Ionic….

  2. Where Is the description

  3. Is the heart rate accurate I get mixed reviews

  4. My wife and I just want something that shows heart rate, steps, and how far we ran. Do we NEED to bring our phones with us when we do that? If so, that’s a pain in the butt.

  5. Thank you! Needed to know this(:

  6. Thanks for the overall features. Come to your site information site often

  7. Fitbit versa 2 VS Fitbit Charge 3???

  8. Can you recommend a fitness band which has a GPS built in? Thanks

  9. I want one to help with my bodybuilding but concerned about the accuracy

  10. wanted to knoiw how well each function perform.

  11. Trash. I want a watch like this so I dont have to take my phone with me while I run. What's the point of it when I can just get an app on my phone.

  12. Wait until fitbit makes a damn phone

  13. if both Charge 3 and Versa are being sold at basically the same price, which would you get?

  14. Does the Charge 3 have a countdown timer? And are either WiFi compatible?


  16. Do you recommend put a screen protector on the Fitbit charge 3?

  17. I bought the charge 3 yesterday and see that the versa is on sale for twenty bucks more atm…I may shoot back over and trade this for the versa…Idk…decisions lol

  18. nice ad but why on planet EARTH does the Charge 3 not track steps on the stairclimber? Grrr!!!

  19. The charge 3 looks better then the fit versa the versa looks ugly

  20. I got my charge 3 on sale for $119

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