After using the Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker for a little over a week now, i have to say it has performed quite well since i returned the discontinued Fitbit Force. The heart rate tracker feature is a nice added bonus.
Overall the tracker seems to perform pretty accurately as compared to my iPhone 6 Plus M8 motion processor. The device claims to be water resistant, which so far the few splashes of water that i have accidentally exposed the tracker too, its seems to working just fine….

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  1. Hi, is it possible to view a tally of your total heartbeats throughout the day? Not only at the end of the day but during the day. thx

  2. hi thanks for your response. The problem is on the top right hand corner where it should say next is coloured black. If you try and tap that nothing happens.

  3. hi when go onto start a food plan then help me set a goal it asks for starting weight and desired weight. when you put these numbers in the top right hand side stays black instead of reading DONE. can you please help

  4. Deleted and Reloaded app and it works now- thank you for your responses

  5. my home screen is missing so many of the icons you have – how do I get these icons; water intake, track exercise, etc… 
    please help – first day using the Charge HR, so frustrated

  6. How is sleep tracking on Fitbit? I've been using Jawbone for about 6 months now mostly because of its epic sleep tracking. Though I've been considering Fitbit coz of huge community on it, yet looking at reviews, don't think its anywhere close to Jawbone.

  7. how about water … can it com to the shower 

  8. Thank for this review. What do you think about heartrate monitor after few days of using ? do you think it is accurate. Or sometimes the tracking failed ? etc

  9. Check out this video on YouTube:

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