Our hands-on with the new universal Windows 10 Fitbit app. More information including download Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. Stupid app on Windows 10 keep crashing without error message. It only works on Apple products. I need to contact the store for solve the Windows 10 app issue. If it doesn't work.. it much likely I will return it -_-

  2. My Charge HR never syncs to my windows 10 app :/

  3. Fitbit app. will not down load on my pc Windows 10. I press download and after 1 hour it still hasn't downloaded.

  4. How do I get fitbit windows 10 app without going through windows app store? The damn app store doesn't work on my desktop or my laptop. Anyone know? thanks.

  5. Where is the "Synch" button ?

  6. #MicrosoftHealth  app should work for all types of fitness wearables

  7. Does DirectX 12 and DirectX 11.2 both are same?If not then how to update it to DirectX 12..

  8. what does it look like in snapped view. I noticed you only showed it in minimized viewl

  9. So does the pc need Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to the fitbit?

  10. Caller id? Music control? Messages? Still nothin' off all that works with windows phone. Not cool fitbit…

  11. Does the fitbit support 2 bluetooth pairs?It bt on phone and bt on pc (surface pro/tablet) or is bt only for one device and for pc you need usb?

  12. So it works with Microsoft Band? How does it know how many calories that you intake?

  13. This looks great It will make me run more.

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