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  1. The studio is NO MORE! Some good things happening and I'll be moving. I'll update you more on my Instagram. In the mean time, please enjoy the last video shot at the studio, shot in North Carolina! See you soon at the next stage in my life. Staying on course, keeping with the momentum in life. Ever forward. Please, let's get some???? thank you everyone. ? – Jimmy Luong.

  2. They way he talks is annoying and sounds like a sales man wanna sell you ana item….

  3. Can it be used without smartphone?

  4. Just ordered this from eBay for $55 , I'm excited

  5. Cool watch, but can it run RAID SHADOW LEGENDS??

  6. Spent a couple of hours reading reviews and this was exactly what I needed. I'll be back for more reviews.

  7. Are they waterproof?

  8. My problem with this one is the calorie count.. the burned calorie count is so high and unrealistic, how can I fix it?

  9. How good is the sleep tracking for someone who moves alot in there sleep/tossing and turning

  10. I used your review to understand my new Fitbit Inspire HR. I moved up from the Alta HR. Thank you for explaining the features so well. I didn't realize it had so many features that the Alta did not have.

  11. on sale for $70 for 10 more hours…

  12. I only fuck with you on the reviews my guy.

  13. Can you take a call

  14. is the silent alarm strong on it or is it like the charge 2?

  15. Damn! Raid shadow legends again!???

  16. New to the fitbit world, looking for a watch and this review sealed the deal. Outstanding review and exactly the features I'm looking for. Well done Jim!

  17. Awesome thanks so much.

  18. The inspire HR heartrate monitor is very inaccurate! While at the gym it its off by 30 to 40bpm. Completely useless product

  19. im starting to get sick of raid shadow legends being everywhere i go on youtube

  20. bruh operating on 5 and a half hours of sleep

  21. he just tries to sell you a game and talk about other shit other than the fitbit. Why do I fucking care your moving house!!

  22. Thinking of getting a Fitbit but since this is 8 months old
    And the fact we just entered 2020 do you know if there’s
    Gonna be a 2020 model ?

  23. I just won one of these from the Cheerios promotion and I won’t get it for 8-10 weeks, but it seems like a decent product! I can’t wait to get mine!!

  24. I just bought mine after watching this video.

  25. This thing is super concentrated with features.

  26. Is this water proof a take due to swimming on exercise app on it

  27. The screen turns off to fast but it's nice.

  28. I just got mine! I like the features for the price point and on sale you can get them as low as $70

  29. Great review first time placed my order

  30. What about this one ? i orderd it couple days ago.. anyone tried it?

  31. The side by side and review is phenomenal and just what I've been looking for. Waiting for this to arrive on tuesday. Just placed my order. Thanks for your review!!

  32. Could I wear it in the shower

  33. Peeing like a horse? More like a mouse. A teenie tiny little mouse… 😉

  34. So, I have used #Fitbit for many years. My most recent purchase (within a year)(Ionic), last year died. It was still under warranty and they sent me a replacement – DOA. I tell them and they sent me another which lasted a few months – dead pixels. I contact #fitbit again and they offer me, an exiting customer of many years, a 25% discount (Versa 2) – $149.96 (US) . The problem is, under the current sale, new customers can get a Versa 2 for $129.95 hmmmm…It seems that customer loyalty is gone. If I bought from #Amazon, this would have been taken care of immediately. This is why Amazon is dominating.

  35. Great tracker. Love it

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