Fitbit Ionic Hands On Review

Purchase the Fitbit Ionic from Amazon here:

The fitness trackers and products I use:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR…

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  1. Well aluminum is a light weight metal

  2. I took it two times in the pool after 1year of having it and it died 1month after!

  3. So if you're cycling.. does it give your speed while you're cycling?

  4. so I can wear the watch while swimming or shower right? waterproof?

  5. Any idea when the red heart rate will be activated?

  6. Hey man. You have really REALLY good reviews and I highly value your insight. I have an Ionic and was considering exchanging it for a Samsung Active but after watching your other comparison review I changed my mind. 1) Would you say the Ionic's gym-based HR is accurate, for cardio as well? Sounds like it, just checking. 2) Also – my wife doesn't like her FitBit VERSA. She wants an Apple watch. Is there a reason my Ionic seems so much better than the Versa and would you say the Apple Watch is good for gym tracking and overall experience? And do you have a review or comparison review on it?

  7. If you call Fitbit and let them know you lost your Fitbit tracker they will send you an email with a 40% discount to keep you in the family , I currently purchased the ionic orange blue for a whopping $149.00 ….

  8. will it track on a stationary Gym Bike??

  9. how accurate is it for racket sports calories sports count

  10. does it track your heart rate when you swim?

  11. Just a bit of correction. Support for fitbit pay doesn't have anything to do with retailers. It has to do with the bank they are with. If the bank doesn't support it, then any retailer banking with them can't support it.

  12. I bought new Fitbit Ionic and gps is inaccurate. Is there anybody else tje same problem and is it solved?

  13. Do we need a smartphone connected to the watch for GPS to be accurate while jogging?

  14. It says it tracks laps but does that actually work?

    They said Gear Fit2 pro would do this. Didnt work at all.

  15. Can you reply to messages and talk into the device?

  16. Major problem is tech support with a specific problem or question. There is none, no phone support, not even a manual for download. Warranty seems to be a problem as well. A few users complained about scratches on the face soon after purchased and Fitbit just ignore them. I’m getting some protective case covers on order. Pairing with my phone is a hit or miss like tracking stock prices or weather in real time. Sometimes it just freezes unable to update for hours. Talking about freezing, my Ionic locked up a few times were the home/back button would not respond. There must be a way to reset it? Who knows without a manual and no tech support? Music file download is laughable super slow like watching ice melt. Other that, it's fine. Nice and bright in daylight, good basic functions and looking forward to the sleep update.

  17. Hello …can i pair the ionic with polar h10 and the milestone footpod at the same time ???

  18. This is a good review. I should be getting mine very soon. My Blaze quit after one year!

  19. Great review, really thorough and good job!

  20. does it track your heartrate during swimming?

  21. Does the watch show WhatsApp messages and how can I know if my device is supported? Can I record my exercise and navigate back to the start point?

  22. It’s expensive but it’s the only watch from fitbit to get a GPS

  23. Middletown Kentucky? This would have been perfect for me if they'd have the ability to pair with my Polar H10

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