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  1. I wish I could have the samsung watch functionality in the icons case. I like the design of the icon WAY better than the apple watch and the samsung one.

  2. I bought a blaze and it stopped charging so I emailed Fitbit and they said if I send it in they’ll give me a replacement. I didn’t have to provide proof of purchase. Pretty good service. Can’t see apple doing that.

  3. The Ionic would be great but the GPS hardware sucks. If you’re a keen runner the Ionic is a poor choice.

  4. ….i still can't get over the misleading knocks against Fitbit over it's music support. Fitbit supports music transfer from your computer…….Apple will NEVER support that. I can transfer any MP3 over to my Fitbit and it just works. No special cables or bluetooth connection needed. Just so long as my Fitbit is on the same network as my computer it will transfer the music over TCP/IP. That sort of freedom creams Apple. +1 for Fitbit on music support

  5. Would the gps work on my iPhone

  6. Fitbit is crap. Lot of promises but once you buy their sh..ty product it does not get any improvement. For something sporty go for Garmin or Polar. For anything else just buy an regular smart watch.

  7. Apple Watch @$880 +. For Fitbit Ionic @$350. In Australia Fitbit for me. Battery life sold me

  8. I’ve had a couple of different fitbits now and have liked them but after while seem to just breakdown so thinking about going to apple

  9. I have both smartwatches. The battery on my Apple watch is terrible! I get a maximum of about 12 hours on a full charge. By the time I get home from work, my watch needs to be fully charged. When I go to bed with a fully charged watch, I lose about 70% of the battery. Apple couldn't figure out why the battery was draining so much.

  10. Apple has fall detection with emergency something. Does the ionic do that?

  11. For me the best Fitbit just for the battery , I don’t really care to much about technology I’m full time mum so I need to de connect sometimes form the world ? .. ( no text no phone calls no WhatsApp ) …

  12. it would be good if you make a video on fitbit ionic vs polar h10 chest strap for heart rate accuracy

  13. Great video with lots of pertinent info.

  14. Do not buy a Fitbit! I have owned 2 and they both died shortly after the 1 year warranty elapsed. I bought the Ionic for $300 and 18 months later it is dead. Helpdesk can do nothing because the warranty is over. I've had enough of this company with their poorly engineered products. After I requested assistance from Helpdesk and they turned me down, I told them I would no longer be a customer. Then the next day my account was hacked and someone (Fitbit heldesk?) changed my profile name and About Me section to something sexual and rude. So there you go… Fitbit…. don't do it! A waste of time and money and much frustration!

  15. Thanks for this. I just got the ionic for 150 and I love it. I wanted to see what I was missing out on and this vid was very helpful.

  16. I was on vacation last week when my Ironic, wouldn't sync up to the Fitbit app.

    I did a restart of my phone and ironic, it still wouldn't synch. A firmware upgrade was available so I launched it, it started downloading, then failed and never came back to life! Contacted support, they confirmed it was bricked!

    Instead of an honest response "of we don't know how to write code that will revert to previous firmware if an update fails" I was offered a 20% discount for a replacement!

    I made a promise to FitBit Support that I would advertise their product failures to the world and save innocent people from buying the biggest piece of smartwatch garbage. I've owned a Charge HR (worked except for wristband failures) , two Ironics, I should also mention I bought my partner a Charge 3 (special edition), the "special" was that it only synched the first day, had to be replaced. That's Special. So I went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy watch.

    Hate someone and have money to throw away, buy them a FitBit!

    Do Your research and read their forums, nothing but "community guidelines" infractions if You share Your experience. Suppress the truth, You will see this original post from the FitBit forum copied and pasted on Youtube sites promoting FitBit. Have a Nice Day.

  17. Excellent review. Thank you very much.

  18. I was sure when I ordered my Fitbit I was getting a poor mans Apple Watch. Having owned three Apple Watches in the past the Ionic is the best smart watch I have owned. Yes the Apple Watch is a better smart watch. But Fitbit destroys the Apple Watch with fitness tracking, continuous heart rate, the Fitbit app and best of all battery life.

  19. Fitbit works with any OS vs. Apple just with Apple.

  20. I really like your content.

  21. Ionic is very good for battery life and also it not change design over the year. So Fitbit will upto style many years

  22. Admin, I have fitbit ionic..

    I really like my fitbit ionic but it's been 3 times fitbit center to send a new fitbit ionic capsule .. It happens the same thing repeatedly.

    The damage is On the surface of the sensor, the glue is clamped And dated By itself when using it.

    Once the glue has been exposed to the surface of the sensor, the water will then enter into the sensor where the surface is tackled and offset. Whether water From sweat or water during swimming.

    I and my picture show what happened to my 3 ionic fitbit seeds

    The question is you And who owns and uses the ionic fitbit And there is a problem like I'm ?? If you have any comments please let

  23. In india ionic cost 400$

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