Fitbit CEO and cofounder James Park explains why the new products may lure more casual fitness fans, and the company’s lofty goal of making everyone healthier.

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  1. The Fitbit Watch is better on price by a lot.compared to 400 dollar Apple Watch.fitbit charge 3 is like being given away.

  2. I don't know why they keep mentioning Apple..Apple only has 20% to 25% of the market , the rest is pretty much Android. Of course Apple will be up more, it already has a cult base.

  3. Terrible title choice for this video. Makes me wonder if you even do any research into the products your reviewing. Fit bit purchased pebble and this watch is inspired from pebble watches. I really enjoy my versa which gets 4 days of battery which apple can't touch.

  4. Fitbit over Apple Watch for me, no contest.

  5. Why are there so many clips of the versa with a blacked out "fitbit" logo? That logo ruins the product and im not buying it for that reason.

  6. I love my Pebble steel..^^

  7. Not a fucking Apple watch clone. Pebble design. They purchased the company. CNN losers get your facts straight

  8. Not a Apple watch clone. Spiritual successor of the Pebble line.

  9. CNNMoney is a clone news feed.

  10. Was the video title written by an Apple fanboy?
    A bit unprofessional for a news outlet.

  11. Fit bit bought pebble, and this looks just like a pebble watch. Pebble made watches way before Apple.

  12. If you need to dish out money for a watch to try to keep you in shape, then you are a sucker who lacks discipline and true self-motivation to get shit done on your own without the unnecessary technology that has been marketed to suit your insecurity.

  13. It's not an apple watch clone. I feel it looks close to Pebble Time Steel 2 (RIP)

  14. Still much rather keep my Apple Watch.

  15. Clone is a strong word. It would have been nice to see the features and specs that are cloned from Apple.

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