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This is one of our longer videos comparing the Versa 2 SE to the OG Versa SE.

Versa 2 –
Versa 1 –
Swappa –

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  1. I just got the Fitbit versa 1 and it is doing the sleep score

  2. If your regular Verse was damaged and you had the option to upgrade to Verse 2 for $99 would you or would you just to and even exchange?

  3. I did NOT have the Versa. I had the Charge 2 for a few years and decided it was time to upgrade. My daughter had the Versa and I thought it was really nice. Just before Christmas, I went to Kohl's and they were on sale. The Versa 2 was $129.00 and the Versa was 199.00. That didn't make sense to me, but okay. Needless to say, I got the Versa 2 for less money and bonus…..Kohl's Cash = cha-ching!!??

  4. What is the uses of the 2 buttons from the fitbit versa 1? Thanks!

  5. I disagree with you about the always on display. Some people (like myself) don't want the screen to light up every time they move their wrist. always on should only be ''always on''

  6. Thanks for the comparison!

  7. Always on display wakes up when I lift my wrist. Might be an update from when this video was posted.

  8. Excellent points given. I own Versa and was looking into differences between Versa and Versa 2. Originally battery life going feom 4 days to 6 was something what caught my eye. In your review you mentioned getting about the same out of both of them. I will stick with my Versa for now as there are not many differences what will make me want to upgrade. Thank you for great review. It was very helpful.

  9. I would love to have the Fitbit Versa 2. Thank you for your review.

  10. After updating it, you can get the sleep score.

  11. i have og fitbit versa SE and im not going to upgrade to the fitbit versa 2

  12. Can you download on the Fitbit Versa to

  13. Because if you have the display always on you might be lifting to look at the time. It would be pointless if it activated on lift.

  14. I just got the versa 1 for 219 I think it is a new good one

  15. I'm picking up a versa 2 for my lady – who has the versa 1 already. She said she wanted the 2, but I'm guessing she didn't look at the differences btwn the two like I did. But that's what she wants so that's what she gets for Xmas. LOL

  16. Be prepared for some changes coming in 2020 when Google officially take over Fitbit. Alexa will be removed ECT

  17. Also, Versa 1 also have fitbit pay.

  18. Versa 2 down to 129.99

  19. really good honest review. Thanks

  20. Is the rosegold in versa 1 is a little bit pinkish but versa 2 is a little bit golden

  21. The Versa 2 with the recent update is just so much nicer, battery life is amazing, can save five watch faces, so much more. I also own an Apple watch but honestly this is much better my "other watch" has been unworn two weeks. Sleep tracking, steps, exercise, music controls all work stellar. No i dont use Alexa.

  22. At around 5:10 in your video you quite rightly criticize an issue with always-on-display.
    Fitbit have heard you!
    They fixed this issue in their latest firmware update

  23. Really enjoy the detail you go into in the videos, lots more real world details that I'd always want to know that others don't include in their videos. Thanks!

  24. Is Spotify available in Fitbit Versa?

  25. If you already have the original versa , to me good enough . If you never owned a versa and looking into one I would recommend just getting the new versa 2 .

  26. 4:044:15 is this a list of what both can do or what the versa 2 can only do??

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