Fitbit Versa 2 ads Spotify, Alexa, and more coaching. We break down what’s new with Fitbit this fall.

CORRECTION: While we thought the Spotify app on the Fitbit Versa 2 allowed on-watch music downloads, it turns out the app only allows remote playback from the phone app. Which makes it a far less interesting feature. We wanted to make the correction clear for any potential buyer.

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  1. CORRECTION: While we thought the Spotify app on the Fitbit Versa 2 allowed on-watch music downloads, it turns out the app only allows remote playback from the phone app. Which makes it a far less interesting feature. We wanted to make the correction clear for any potential buyer.

  2. FITBIT Versa 2, is the best smartwatch in the market for fitness and workouts.

  3. The fitbit is wayyy behind I think they need an bigger upgrade.

  4. Can you use map my run with this?

  5. Can you please compare the ticwatch e and Fitbit versa 2 and see which one is better

  6. Dont bother with the larger fitbits. They aren't worth your dollars because I owned a versa for less than 4 months and it was off my wrist half the time because how Painful it was to use. Music was restricted to spotify or if your lucky for you phone to pair properly or downloaded on pc which hast to have bluetooth. My versa didn't connect to the pc at all and so did my phone in 4 months. I owned the ionic and had the same issues.
    The versa 2 is not a significant upgrade in design or software but mere speed increase and a monthly subscription. I made the decision to purchase the new Samsung active 2 because of its style, responsiveness, and flexibility in customization that was fluid to compete with apple watch. However the versa and ionic is like a toy or a demo and isnt to the quality standards in terms of price. Value wise the Fitbit charges are most likely to be the run for your money back then however older smart watches or renowed watch brands also created Google watches for 100-150 mark so be aware of what you purchase.

  7. when he took the watch off and i saw how pale his skin was …i didnt know what to say i found it so funny that i couldnt laugh likie ti as werid…

  8. Hey um is the fitbit salt water proof ty

  9. Is the watch salt water proof

    Please respond im thinking of getting one

  10. Meh, I still think Charge is best, far smaller and you can use app. Just better, cheaper and smarter.

  11. Let's be honest it's pretty much the same

  12. I’m who is in the background

  13. I thought it had AOL Aim for a second ?

  14. Can you have a comparison between Apple Watch 5 and fitbit versa -2 Pls ?

  15. I still have my Fitbit charge and I absolutely love it but I feel this one would be way better the apple watch doesn't seem for fitness and I workout 2 hours a day and monitor my heart so I'm totally getting this one.

  16. 2 weeks ago, my Samsung Gear Sport was broken, so I bought fitbit inspire HR, because I think I might change my mobile from Samsung to other Android phones. But it was an awful decision as the fitbit device always pop up too many bugs, always auto recognize me doing exercise while I'm sleeping/sitting/typing, even at toilet. It's always vibrating which I don't what happened at all, and the battery life droned to less than one day. And the screen always displayed two interfaces together. Last week, it was vibrating again at 4am in the morning while I was sleeping, so finally I decided to return this troublesome device and get my money back. I complained to fitbit and they admit it's the product problem. And even when I returned it, I cannot turn off the device! I never got this issue with any other brands, I literally bought a brand new buggy device. Don't trust fitbit anymore with their overpriced and buggy devices. Luckily the day after I returned the fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 just launched in Singapore. So I'm back to Samsung again, and it's actually cheaper than Gear Sport when I bought the Gear Sport.

  17. Hi there! Great video and great channel!
    Could you do a video with ideas about what to do with all that data that we're collecting with our smart watches and how to use the data to improve our health, workouts, food intake, sleep and etc?
    Because we're generating a lot of data everyday, and if we don't take any advantage over them, they are useless.

  18. Support camera control

  19. I gave up on the Versa, I had two of them flake out on me. I bought the Galaxy Watch 46mm…love it!

  20. Are the Spotify capabilities on the Fitbit Versa 2 the same as on Apple Watch?

  21. So can I listen to music on Spotify offline?

  22. How about battery replacement…

  23. Oh i wonder what watch this is suppose to look like ??

  24. Does anyone have any idea what type of glass that versa 2 has. Thanks

  25. when you say a feature "will be added in the coming months" , will it be provided via software upgrade to the people who purchase the versa 2 now or not ?

  26. Can this have YouTube music on it?

  27. So how much better is this vs the versa

  28. People need to understand this isn’t apple. Fitbits about fitness. The ONLY thing I see wrong here is no gps. For me, this is like an Apple Watch for a way cheaper price, and I can wear at night to track my sleep. This is perfect for people like me who want a good smart watch for a pretty reasonable price. I find this product pretty great.

  29. Spotify and sleep score have been available on the Versa for quite a while now, so it's nothing new to the Versa 2.
    By the way you need Spotify Premium for it to work

  30. Dealbreaker is no gps or ecg

  31. If you’re gonna buy one you might as well wait. Never buy the 1st model of anything tech!!!

  32. I just preordered the special edition and I'll tell you why 1. Works really well with android (unlike Amazfit bip) 2. Better app than Samsung (terrible 2 app system to run the watch). 3. Has sleep tracking and is much cheaper than Apple. People forget this is a fitness band first and watch second. If you want to track your health this is the best out there right now.

  33. Go plant ? based if you want to loose weight and be healthy ?

  34. Does the notifications received while using iPhone?

  35. Fitbit is literally for fitness, it’s not an Apple Watch. Chill.

  36. Still don't Have Find my phone

  37. Does it display pictures for eg if someone sent you an image on WhatsApp etc??

  38. I think Fitbit has had its day, The new dashboard on their app is horrendous and adding extra premium features like more sleep insights is really scraping the barrel. I’ve used Fitbit for years but I’m starting to get a bit fed up with their poor support and lacklustre products and overcharging for pointless features

  39. Does it have a camera

  40. His reviews are becoming addictive they r so good and I have now watched the same video twice! U had me at "Hello" already!?

  41. how accurate is it? my versa used to legit count 10,000 ghost steps a day which completely made it unusable… severely inaccurate calorie burn, distance, etc…

  42. Who wants the Alexa spy for the CIA on your wrist all day.

  43. Stock prices will go down faster than Sasha Grey.

  44. Hmm, so it doesn't have Google Assistant. I'm looking for a replacement or complement for the still excellent Huawei Watch. I'm definitely looking for sapphire crystal, OLED, speaker and good battery life. My old old launch day Huawei Watch still gets almost 2 days off battery life with a ton of apps on it. It also has zero bezel, zero. The stainless steel cold forged casing and Milanese band still look new, including the coating.
    Why can't they make that again? It was about CAD $800 and 100% worth it still. I don't understand why there isn't a new smartwatch that compares at all. It's sad; I really want one.
    I don't really need GPS or LTE. NFC would be optional too. Bluetooth 5 would be perfect.. 200 ft range and all new Android phones have it!

  45. I love the Fitbit versa 2 I’m so excited to get ☝️ one I honestly think it’s a competitor to the Apple Watch Series 3 I honestly would pick this one it is way cooler It has Alexa built in five day battery life Spotify support compared to Apple Music one day battery life and Siri on the Apple Watch Series 3 I honestly think Fitbit versa2 is way better.⌚️??⌚️

  46. Thanks for the helpful video. Can you put your own music in this phone (without paying any fees)?

  47. Fitbit should have a mic and the bluetooth to connect to your phone and be able to play music without earbuds

  48. I just got Versa and I love it. Versa 2 has not enough new things to ditch my current one. Still no GPS, only connected GPS.

  49. This sucks! Can I trade in my versa for this one wtf

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