This is a head on Comparison video for the newly announced Fitbit Versa 2 & the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2. This comparison will help you to select which one to buy vs the other. I have covered in-depth aspects like cost, battery life, apps & notification, connectivity, aesthetics & even minor details. I have also compared these watches with the other version like Lite edition, special edition, 40mm & 44mm, active 2 vs active 1, versa 2 vs versa 1 & much more this is a complete package to…

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  1. Hey man, just want to say you did a great job on this video.
    This is definitely one of the most in depth and useful comparisons I’ve seen!

  2. Can these watches really be able to monitor the heart rate in real time without stopping when running, and can prompt immediately when the set limit is exceeded? Waiting for your reply, please.

  3. Sir.. i m confused between samsung active and Fitbit versa 2.. pls suggest.. which should i go

  4. where did you find the clock face on the active 2 in this video.

  5. I got my Fitbit versa 2 few days ago for 135$ at costco store

  6. is active 2 good at tracking steps? I have fitbit versa 1. Just wanted to see if it was worth it.

  7. Great comparison video. It would be nice if the background music wasn't so loud. Thanks

  8. Music is so annoying I couldn't listen to the review.

  9. The priority for Fitbit is health tracker where as Galaxy active 2 is for fancy smart watch. Though Samsung has health app. It is one of the feature….

  10. Versa 2 gives 5 days battery, not 4…I heard people getting 8 days with basic use. This guy is wrong and clueless.

  11. Will Active 2 sync with an Apple phone?

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