I am super pumped to share my Fitbit Versa 2 unboxing video that I did this past week! Definitely don’t buy the apple watch until you’ve watched this video first. I go over why I am moving back to Fitbit watches (specifically the new 2019 Fitbit tracker/watch) and a few of the new features of the latest edition. A few things i am excited for are the Fitbit premium coaching as well as the new sleep tracking features and sleep score. Which one do you think is better? Apple Watch or…

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  1. I am for the versa 2

  2. Is the heart rate and steps on the versa 2 more accurate than the charge 2? I have the charge 2 and it’s health features are very inaccurate.

  3. Great review. I was on the fence after years and wanting to upgrade my apple watch. You helped me pull the trigger at a fraction of the cost. I really wanted the sleep and constant heart rate tracking! Thanks!!

  4. 5:55 Actually Fitbit is square shaped & apple watch is rectangular ?

  5. This is the underrated Marques Brownlee

  6. Hi Noah, I have the Apple Watch Series 4 and use it well so far since buying it. I used to own the Fitbit Charge 2 but then sold it [kind of a long story]. So I’m thinking of getting either the Charge 3 or Versa 2. I think I don’t mind it looking like a fitness tracker or smartwatch. I really miss the sleep tracking from Fitbit. I’ve tried 2 different 3rd party apps on Apple Watch but in my personal experience it drained my battery over night from 100% to about 30-25%. I also got myself a case for my apple watch so I could use it at work (I work as an assembler at an engineering). My plan would be to wear a fitbit at work then switch to apple watch when I get home. Do you think this idea defeats me getting the Apple Watch in the first place? Let me know, thanks.

  7. Apple Watch ⌚️ has a free sleep app, Siri, and music streaming, including Spotify

  8. Ok I just got the Versa 2 but in finding its not as compatible with my iPhone. I can’t figure out how to set it up to reply to text. My sister and friend have androids and they didn’t have no issues connecting.

  9. Hey bro. So I ended up getting a Versa 2 for $129. Lol debating on keeping it and selling my Apple Watch Series 4. Decision decisions.

  10. And your saying to not buy the Apple Watch?

  11. The Apple Watch has so many more features then Fitbit versa 2, Apple Watch DID had a fitness app.

  12. Hey when will your next review come out, also great vid??

  13. I have the Fitbit and the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is still way better

  14. I’ve had so many fitbits and Apple watches (and Garmin). I just sold my charge 3 and got a Series 4 and I love it. Literally only thing I don’t like about Apple watches are the battery life because I like to do sleep tracking but honestly just charge it before you go to bed and throw it on and boom. Fitbits tends to over estimate steps. I disagree with you stating Apple Watch doesn’t do a good job in fitness. I think it does great. Goals pertaining to active calories burned, workout minutes a day, and standing (which I don’t really care about as much tbh lol) are way better goals to reach than steps. For weight lifting being able to download an app like Strong where you can log your workouts while it tracking your heart rate and being able to use that data and apply it to your daily goal is a game changer if you’re into lifting. Fitbit Versa 2 looks pretty ? though. Great price right now too at $129.

  15. is this mark ass brownlee?

  16. how is teh Versa 2 after 2 months of usage? I like apple products and if only the apple watch lasted longer I would buy a series 3! but charge it every day is not good…also after owning a Fitbit Charge 3 I know the Health app is really good. Do you wear them both??!

  17. I have the Versa 2 and Apple Watch 4, the Versa 2 is a much better watch all around with much better software, options for apps, watch faces, music player, exercise tracker, can get and answer messages, a great fitness device. I rarely use my Apple Watch now. Battery life on the V2 is easily 5-6 days and it charges faster!

  18. 5 days? Mine hasn't lived that long. Should I send it back?

  19. idk which to buy
    i can have the huawei gt 2 or the versa 2 or the fossil sportwatch
    i just dont know which to buy
    is the versa 2 a good choice, like would i regret buying it??
    please reply
    edit : please help me decide as this is my first smartwatch

  20. Is the Fitbit versa 2 waterproof yes or no

  21. I’m wondering when Apple will listen to the real fitness geeks lol. Fitbit app hands down is more user friendly for sure!

  22. Do you need to pay extra for Calls or it’s like gps

  23. I think the Versa 2 is a pile of rubbish – cheap tat that doesn’t work.

  24. I bought a Versa 2 at Kohl's on Black Friday for $50 off, plus the $45 in Kohl's cash you get back. Huge savings. It's my first Fitbit and I love it! I've been weight training since July and lost 30 pounds and also put on muscle, this watch makes my workouts more fun and keeps me even more motivated to be healthy!

  25. I just recently had my parents order the fitbit versa 2 for me and I have had a hard time finding videos where apple users weren't bias comparing the versa 2 and the apple watch series 4/5. So I'm super excited to see someone that is not bias just because they use an iPhone.

  26. Great point with the 3rd party app and having to charge your watch BEFORE you sleep.

  27. I just bought it literally 2 seconds ago and this video is not making me regret it ?

  28. Excellent review! I certainly agree with the review. I have the Fitbit Ionic for fitness tracking ….absolutely love it.

  29. Thank you for this video/review! I am torn with my devices. I have the Apple Watch Series 4 and just recently purchased the Fitbit Versa 2. I love both devices. However, I had issues with third parties sleep tracking and stopped using that feature because the Apple Watch dies so fast with just normal use of exercise, checking notifications here and there, answer calls. I’d put my watch on 5:30am before work it’d be at 100% and by the time I get home and go to bed around 7:30pm it’d be at 5%-10%. Omg ??‍♀️. When I use my Fitbit Versa 2, I’d wear it at the same time and by the time I got home it’d be around 90% of battery life. ? if the Apple Watch just had everything integrated into one app just like Fitbit with sleep tracking that doesn’t require third party apps, plus the extra battery life like Fitbit I’d totally get it. Not sure if Apple Watch will get to that point but when it does, that would be the happiest day of my life haha

  30. I'm on the edge of doing the same. I've had an Apple Watch Series 3 since June, and yeah, the smartwatch part is pure awesome, but the sleep tracking, battery, and fitness tracking just isn't as clean and easy to use as Fitbit. With Google buying Fitbit, I think I might go back. I have a Charge 3 but I am hoping for some killer Black Friday sales on Amazon on a Versa in a few weeks. Good video.

  31. Edit: Well the Apple Watch series 5 is better.

    Edit: Apple Pay is with it without help of your phone with Apple Pay now.

  32. Love the review!

  33. This was really helpful because I just bought the Fitbit versa 2 and I’m looking online to see if I should regret that decision

  34. im sorry but you cant downold songs from the watch its just conect to your phon

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